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    Ahhh ..... the cowards way out.....the Crown is dropping the charges against Mark Morman.......after ruining his career, costing him thousands of $$$$ in his defense, and denying him the opportunity to clear his name.... the scum of a man that calls himself the pm didn’t want to be embarrassed again in the upcoming election after the AG released a scathing report on the Refugee Board, Refugees and government services. Hopefully, the defense will file a lawsuit for damages. Why am I surprised? (And if the turd tries to say the prosecutor is independent from the pmo, he forgets what snc/lavalin proved. We have a new attorney general to protect the pm and do his bidding).
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    The provider is CAE and their 737 MAX simulator would include all known systems and functions as per any regulator approved aircraft. AC initially ordered their aircraft and simulators without HUDs but reversed that decision awhile ago. A friend of mine repeated the ET event in the AC 737 simulator recently. He said they managed to get through it but he also said it took all of his arm strength which were shaking the whole time. Their solution was to unload the stab through Boeing’s porpoise maneuver.
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    No punches pulled...the straight facts ! Every Canadian voter should be made to watch this !