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    No, I said "thats not to suggest that governments should operate like a household." I also said "but clearly, there comes a point when too much is too much and debt becomes unsustainable. If your position is "what does it matter?" I'm afraid I can't help you and I think you will be voted down... we can negotiate after you find out that does matter though. Maybe lunch on my next IBA motorcycle sortie eh? I'll even buy. Cheers PS in a previous post, you branded me a nemesis... when was the last time a nemesis bought you lunch?
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    Ah....ha......I flew it ......one take-off and one landing........(Toulouse in the SIM building while on the A310 course)
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    Don't need a keepsake. Got my memory! (and the 1/72 wood model my wife got me for Christmas 5 years ago, on our memento cabinet in the living room).
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    Came across this article and found it informative and interesting. https://spectrum.ieee.org/aerospace/aviation/how-the-boeing-737-max-disaster-looks-to-a-software-developer