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    Lol! According to one of the persons cited above, “Since Air Canada is an overseas airline and there is a time difference with India, the airline needs time for due diligence. The lenders have agreed to give an extension.”
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    Welcome to Ontario Roads 194km/hr - #QEW/Walkers line 50 year old driver from Ancaster charged with: #ImpairedDriving - 80 plus, prohibited driving, dangerous driving, stunt driving, and an HOV violation.
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    Right you are, clearly my math skills are a lacking. Luckily, I have the speling thing down to a sceince eh?
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    At virtually every turn these fools show themselves unfit to govern a dogs funeral with only the family cat in attendance. I can only conclude that they are secretly working for the Trump campaign and should be investigated for attempting to thwart electoral democracy. The clock is ticking, the country is burning, and not a single one of them can even play the fiddle. Democracy with Democrats is like fishing with bagpipes. Dump this AOC person and apologize to Biden before he changes his mind. I'm eager to hear anything from them that doesn't have the taste of stupid. Really now, give me one sensible policy initiative or something that qualifies as a reasonable alternative... put the phone down and stop tweeting or squeaking or squawking or whatever it is that you are doing before it's too late (and it likely already is). The timing of investigations into the origin of the Russian mess is looking like it will blow up in their faces at the worst possible time and I stand in awe. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/alexandria-ocasio-cortez-and-liz-cheney-disagree-on-twitter-over-knowledge-of-22nd-amendment-constitution https://www.foxnews.com/politics/senate-dems-introduce-bill-to-abolish-electoral-college