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    There is all the flooding going on in Ontario and Quebec, 2000 members of the military called out, mayors and politicians screaming for volunteers to come and help sandbag. We have thousands of asylum seekers being housed, clothed and fed at our expense, why aren't they being "volunteered" to help? Don't need language skills or any other skill set, just pick up a shovel.
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    The good thing a about an "emotional support horse" is that it serves a dual purpose - emotional support and also replaces the golf cart as transportation between gates.
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    Okay, not the aircraft but the sim, sharp looking. https://twitter.com/rvr600/status/1118580015447384064
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    Working at the airport I always liked that the prime minister had his own aircraft. We didn't have to put up with the crap that ensued if he was flying on us.
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    “ The conclusions were predictable because the methodology was not dispassionate and involved decisions by those who were not independent. As part of a scathing critical analysis of this paper by real scientists, the original 11,944 papers were read and the readers came to a diametrically opposite conclusion. Of the 11,944 papers, only 41 explicitly stated that humans caused most of the warming since 1950 (0.3 per cent). Of the 11,944 climate “science” papers, 99.7 per cent did not say that carbon dioxide caused most of the global warming since 1950. It was less than 1 per cent and not one paper endorsed a man-made global warming catastrophe. Political policy and environmental activism rely on this fraudulent 97 per cent consensus paid for by the taxpayer to rob the taxpayer further with subsidies for bird-and-bat-chomping wind turbines, polluting solar panels and handouts to those with sticky fingers in the international climate industry. It’s this alleged 97 per cent consensus that has changed our electricity from cheap and reliable to expensive and unreliable. Activists with no skin in the game are setting the scene for economic suicide. Time for yellow shirts to shirt-front politicians about their uncritical acceptance of a fraud that has already cost the community hundreds of billions of dollars.” https://www.thegwpf.com/ian-plimer-97-of-scientists-agree-on-nothing/
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    Amazing story: https://youtu.be/B0GbkM6n90o
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    And it won’t be long before Cb starts blaming west coast earthquakes on climate change. The libs will introduce a tax to stop earthquakes, putting a price on plate tectonics ...
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    If that was the most scariest time in her life, these people don’t lead very interesting lives.
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    Maybe apologize to all Canadians for being such an idiot.
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    I have been saying this for years. Kill 2 birds with one stone. Build efficient incinerators like Sweden. Direct about 99% of your trash to the incinerators and use them to create electricity. That is about the best renewable energy money can buy because we will never stop creating trash. This will reduce groundwater pollution from Landfill sites as well as other environmental factors. This is not rocket science.
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    Maybe they should add a checklist item .... when airspeed approaches 400 Kias....retard thrust levers.
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    We all need to lighten up here. I believe this was an accidental thread delete while editing. I think if you have a lot of extra time to spend on AEF I have a freshly sanded deck which needs staining. All beverages are on me.
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    60 Minutes Australia - Boeing 737 MAX - Fatal Flaw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cFKk8iI4taI On a subject that 60 Minutes USA is not likely to show.
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    I saw that article but didn't post it because I considered it too horrific, but on second thought it's probably good for it to be widely seen and condemned. I no longer even recognize the Liberal and Democratic parties; I'm ashamed to even admit I once supported them. They have morphed into a dangerous, evil and hateful cult. I now have greater respect for the Taliban. It's likely that even moderate pro-abortion folks are mortified. Would anyone care to defend his position (merely for the sake of argument) in case there is some mitigating factor I might have missed? I would be very hard pressed to play the devil's advocate here. I'm guessing that has views run contrary to the bulk of centre left voters who are abandoning the party in droves. How do they remain oblivious to this?
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    Jaydee, based on the latest polls it seems that the voters in the 2 biggest Provinces are not fussed about what the Liberals are or have done and based on that we will likely see another Liberal Government. https://www.ipsos.com/en-ca/news-polls/Conservatives-Liberals-Dead-Heat-Ethics-Review-Fails-to-Move-Voters
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    Loosing their citizenship and being left to rot in a foreign gaol is hardly a free pass.
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    And of course Cruise Ships don't kill whales.
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    Did someone say wolf??
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    Software Fix Will Address Most Recent MAX Issue Aug 1, 2019 Sean Broderick | Aviation Week & Space Technology Comments 17 The latest Boeing 737 MAX flight control computer system anomaly that the FAA has ordered fixed is addressable through software changes and presents less risk on older 737s, Aviation Week has confirmed. The failure scenario involved forcing a flight control computer (FCC) processor command to the horizontal stabilizer nose-down after detecting specific flight profile conditions, a source with knowledge of the issue says. It also bypassed the control column inputs, meaning pulling back on the column, or yoke, does not interrupt the stabilizer movement. Finally, the fault was to happen while the autopilot was engaged during cruise. The anomaly has never occurred during flight operations, but the FAA wanted to see what would happen if different combinations of faulty data fooled the FCC. Boeing is tackling the latest 737 flight control issue Software will eliminate risk on the MAX Column movement stops the issue on older 737s FAA pilots tested the scenario in mid-June—one of about 30 scenarios trialed during the session—in Boeing’s 737 engineering simulator, or e-cab. They were able to recover using the runaway stabilizer emergency procedure, the source said. There was no hardware failure, and the aircraft’s systems reacted exactly as they are designed to do. But at least one pilot determined that the time needed to identify the failure as a runaway stabilizer was too long, and the FAA ordered Boeing to address the issue. Boeing’s solution, the source says, is a software modification that monitors the FCC’s output. If the combination of erroneous data is detected, the second FCC and autopilot take over, eliminating the chance of stabilizer runaway. Details of the issue, many of which have not been previously reported, underscore the FAA’s heightened focus on eliminating risk as it scrutinizes the MAX’s design and evaluates when the aircraft will be safe to fly again. The FAA grounded the MAX on March 13, three days after the crash of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 (ET302), the second fatal MAX crash in five months. Other agencies, seeing similarities between the two accident flight profiles, began grounding the aircraft within a day of ET302, and the entire 380-aircraft fleet remains parked. New simulator scenarios are likely to be part of the revised Boeing 737 training requirements. Credit: Boeing Investigators soon made a definitive link between ET302’s accident sequence and the October 2018 crash of Lion Air Flight 610 (JT610). In both cases, errant angle-of-attack (AOA) data being fed to the MAX’s Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS) flight control law triggered nose-down stabilizer inputs as the aircraft were climbing shortly after takeoff. Both flight crews struggled to counter the system, which continued to operate, responding to the errant data. Both accident sequences ended in final dives that killed all onboard the aircraft. The MCAS is an extension of the 737 Next Generation (NG) speed-trim system (STS), which adjusts the stabilizer to ensure pitch is maintained as speed increases. The MCAS activates when the aircraft’s speed approaches threshold AOA, or stick-shaker, stall-warning activation, for the aircraft’s configuration and flight profile. It was added to the MAX to enhance pitch stability with slats and flaps retracted at very light weights and full aft center of gravity. The MCAS ensures the MAX, which features larger-diameter engines that generate more lift than those on its NG predecessor, handles like the NG, helping the two models earn a common type rating and minimizing differences training. Details from both ongoing accident probes, plus internal analysis, led Boeing and the FAA to determine that the MCAS needed changes. Boeing completed its software modifications in May and is awaiting word from the FAA on new training requirements that must be developed for MAX pilots. The JT610 and ET302 accident sequences prompted the FAA to re-examine its approval of the MAX, including system safety evaluations. Prior to Boeing’s changes, the MCAS relied on a single source of AOA data. In each accident, issues with the AOA sensors meant the data stream was communicating an impossibly high AOA value to the FCC. Instead of ignoring the anomalous data—another change incorporated into the new MCAS logic—the system responded with nose-down stabilizer actions when they were not needed. Boeing and the FAA assumed such a failure would be both remotely possible and, if it did occur, quickly recognized by pilots as runaway stabilizer. Both MAX accident sequences show they were wrong. New software must be installed on 380 in-service MAXs, plus about 200 more that are in storage awaiting delivery. Credit: Planet As part of its MAX reevaluation, the FAA examined other anomalies considered remote and flagged the latest issue. Like the MCAS failure scenario, it would only be triggered by faulty data and require pilots to quickly identify runaway stabilizer. “We identified a very remote failure case. Knowing what we know [following the accidents], we really needed to go back and see, if this occurs, can flight crews recover?” Ali Bahrami, FAA associate administrator for aviation safety, told U.S. lawmakers during a July 31 hearing. “Our test pilots [decided] that the level of proficiency that is required to recover from this event was exceptional. That’s why the software changes are being incorporated.” The scenario is not linked to the MCAS system. While it can occur on the NG, modifications to that fleet are not as pressing and may not be required at all. Pilots on the NG can counter any uncommanded stabilizer input by moving the yoke. On the MAX, Boeing bypasses this function—often called the column cut-out switch—when the MCAS is active, because it concluded that countering the MCAS by pulling back on the yoke could negate the system’s purpose. Because the column cut-out switch function is on the MAX, Boeing incorporated it into the latest round of worst-case failure scenarios trialed by the FAA’s pilots. Boeing says it expects to deliver its package of MAX updates—including the completed MCAS changes, additional software modification and related training packages—to the FAA “in the September time frame.” The agency is expected to take several weeks to review the package before deciding whether to lift its grounding. It also will address all return-to-service recommendations made by its Technical Advisory Board, a group of FAA and outside engineers tasked with reviewing the MCAS update, related system safety assessment, and training. “To be clear, the FAA will lift the 737 MAX grounding order only when it is safe to do so,” FAA Administrator Dan Elwell wrote in a July 30 letter to Congress. “While the FAA hopes to achieve nearly simultaneous approval from the major civil aviation authorities around the world, ultimately the U.S. and each country that grounded the 737 MAX will make its own determination based on its local requirements and processes.” Elwell added that the FAA is “offering assistance to any and all countries to support their return-to-service decisions” and is “working with our colleagues from the European Union, Canada, and Brazil [the three other entities with agencies that oversee major aircraft manufacturing programs] to address their concerns.” With the MCAS work done, Boeing’s main outstanding issues are the FCC software update to address the latest anomaly, certification flights to verify the package works as designed, and—perhaps most importantly—new training. The FAA continues to acknowledge that pilots transitioning from the NG to the MAX were not given enough information on differences between the two aircraft. The MCAS system, designed to operate in the background, was not included in the original manuals or differences training. This has changed. Some emergency procedures are also being revised, and new scenarios will likely be added to 737 recurrent simulator training, based in part on preliminary information gleaned from the two MAX accident probes. “We recognized that some actions the [JT610 and ET302] flight crews took were inconsistent with what we assumed would be the correct reaction,” Bahrami says.
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    https://www.thebeaverton.com/2017/05/canadian-top-gun-sequel-centres-around-pilots-waiting-around-government-procure-jets/ Canadian Top Gun sequel centres around pilots waiting around for government to procure jets MAY 24, 2017 by ALEX HUNTLEY(@AJHUNTLEY) COLD LAKE, AB – Filmmakers have already started production of Canadian-themed sequel to the blockbuster hit TOP GUN, which is premised around two renegade pilots waiting for their aging CF-18s to be replaced. ‘Dawdling Wings’ will feature nail-biting scenes of the RCAF’s very best sitting in briefing rooms checking their watches and asking when the new jets would arrive, a thrilling demonstration of aerospace procurement paperwork, and Operations and Maintenance auditing from the Parliamentary Budget Office. “This bold new film doesn’t actually feature any scenes of dogfighting,” explained Director Val Scott, “because the real action occurs deep inside the federal bureaucracy fighting with aerospace companies, and often with itself.” Starring in the film are Paul Gross as Captain Mark ‘Slick’ Anderson, Patrick Huard as Captain Maurice ‘Caboche’ LaFleche, and Peter ‘Lady Killer’ Mackay as himself.
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    Overall a good week for Donald J - first the Mueller testimony and now the SCOTUS decision ok'ing use of military funds for the wall. Be a couple more vacancies coming up there in his 2nd term - will go a long way in righting the ship.
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    My mind knew that but my fingers typed away and then pressed enter.
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    Regarding the DC-10. There was an excellent book in the '80s called Destination Disaster. Despite the overly dramatic title, I think it was a well researched examination of the development of the DC-10. For example, before the fuselage was built, the subcontractor challenged Douglas on the design of the control runs, predicting that a lower lobe depressurization would jam the flight controls. They were told to build it as drawn. The first test article was pressure tested outside the factory. A lower cargo door blew open and the floor collapsed on the flight controls. It got certified ... They had other items which made you never want to leave the earth on one of those things. And then we get to some of the stability issues with the MD-11. I also commend Airbus for not commenting on these issues, despite all the criticism they got from Boeing while developing the A-380.
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    "For its wider implications, but also for its looniness, our history books will marvel—if and when cultural sanity returns—at the singular 'human rights' case of alleged transwoman Jessica Yaniv—sometimes self-presenting as Jonathan Yaniv—vs the waxologists." As absurd as it is, the Jessica Yaniv case has serious implications Barbara Kay, 5 hours ago 7 min For its wider implications, but also for its looniness, our history books will marvel—if and when cultural sanity returns—at the singular “human rights” case of alleged transwoman Jessica Yaniv—sometimes self-presenting as Jonathan Yaniv—vs the waxologists. Yaniv retains his male genitalia. But, thanks to the recently invented, but imprecisely defined right of “gender expression” having been enshrined in legislation, Yaniv has been permitted to wreak havoc in the lives of 16 B.C. waxologists. These women, many of them immigrants, earn a modest living by performing intimate hair-removal services for other women. They refused to wax Yaniv’s balls, and here their troubles began. Some, under the strain of the pressure Yaniv has brought to bear on them, have abandoned their livelihood. The story has been widely disseminated. The crux of it is that innocent women have been martyred so that an unhinged biological male, who has demonstrated on social media what any reasonable person would call a sick frame of mindcan, with the state’s blessing and collusion, target and abuse culturally and economically vulnerable women to satisfy “her” kinky drives. I say collusion, because even when such victims “win,” the process is often the punishment in human rights cases. There has certainly been mental and economic punishment for these women throughout this process, but Yaniv seems to enjoy persecuting them. This story is important because if human rights tribunals were guided by reason and objectivity, none of Yaniv’s complaints would have passed their smell test. The licence afforded Yaniv cements the fictitious notion that when it comes to rights, gender identity may be held by ideologues and their legislative surrogates to trump biology, even in an area that is so simply and fundamentally anatomically based, there is no wiggle room for interpretation. As the targeted waxologists explained, a woman’s genitals require one kind of treatment, with one kind of wax, a man’s genitals another. The women were trained to wax female genitals only, and were not competent to wax male genitals without risk of harm to the scrotum. Some of the women worked alone at home, with children present, and some had religious scruples against touching male bodies, but let us set these considerations aside for the moment, because even if a woman has no religious scruples about touching male bodies and even if she works in a salon, she would still have the same basic case for refusal as the more modest women. The bottom line is, when an individual is getting his or her genitals waxed, there is no “gender” involved. And that is easy to prove. Imagine that Jessica Yaniv is now a corpse, and has left instructions for burial with waxed genitals. Who would do the job? Someone practiced in the waxing of female genitals or someone practised in the waxing of male genitals? At this point Yaniv’s “gender” would not even be moot; it would have vanished entirely, so it would be ludicrous to call for a woman-centric waxologist. But don’t you see that the fact that Yaniv is alive makes no material difference in the realm of waxology? Whether Yaniv thinks he is a woman is as irrelevant to genital waxing as if he were dead, since Yaniv’s anatomy remains ruthlessly male. Yaniv says if the case is lost, it sets a dangerous precedent for trans people. The HRC claims the hearings revolve around the question of whether a business should be allowed to deny service on the basis of gender identity. But as Brendan O’Neil noted in a recent Spiked! column, the real question is more like “‘Should a woman be forced by law to touch a penis she doesn’t want to touch?’—that’s a franker, more honest way of putting it, though it’s obvious why people don’t put it like that, given it would expose the fundamental misogyny at play in this demented case.” If Yaniv or any other mischief-maker of his sort were to win such a case, it would open the door to similar attacks on actual professions, also 100% anatomy-based, that cater exclusively to females. Who can see to the bottom of this precipitous slope? Women in track and field and other sports based in speed or power, demonstrably related to physiology, are now sliding down it to full erasure, while their enabling sports associations look on with self-righteous complacency, and nobody in authority reaches out a hand to save them. What other fields are in peril? The Yanivs of the world are obsessive and unfiltered. They have no moral compass. They are ruled by passions that are unfathomable to normal people. Give an inch to the waxology Yaniv—Yaniv 1.0—and Yaniv 2.0 will find encouragement to up the ante. Ten years ago I would have found inconceivable, but now readily imagine that one fine day a gynecologist will be held to be transphobic if she refuses to accept a transwoman as a patient. She may find herself explaining ever so nicely to Yaniv 2.0 that she is not competent to deal with male bodies and find herself up against the stone wall of “I am a woman. You treat women. The law agrees I am a woman if I say I am a woman. The law says you must treat me.” She may then politely ask Yaniv 2.0 to seek examination and medical advice elsewhere, and Yaniv 2.0 may leave with a curse, after which the gynecologist will think the matter closed. A week later she will be shocked to learn that Yaniv 2.0 has filed a complaint against her with her professional association. The association will be baffled and at first rally to her side. Then the association—and the doctor—will find themselves deluged with denunciations of transphobia on social media. One of their members who identifies as trans will make an impassioned public plea for inclusivity, and pray that the claimant does not commit suicide as a result of being turned away (something Yaniv 2.0 may well threaten to do). LGBTQ activists will call for a legislated solution to this injustice in the universal-healthcare system. Politicians, tumbling over themselves for pride of place in the virtue-signalling pecking order, will promise a solution. One of them will propose a bill to end gender “privilege” in medicine. Consternation will rage at the various medical schools. University administrations will find themselves in the hot seat. How can they be harbouring in their midst an entire medical discipline that caters only to cis-women? Committees will be struck to study the matter. A recommendation will be made that the discipline of Gynecology add a year to its curriculum for the study of male anatomy and its pathologies. Those students already in the program can be “grandmothered,” but incoming students must commit to the additional year, and must further commit to a statement of gender inclusivity in their practice. A few shocked practitioners of high standing will speak up publicly, ridiculing the idea that gynecologists must treat biological males as absurd. They will not find the ensuing mobbing comfortable and they will soon shut up. Those that refuse to shut up may find themselves isolated and shunned, the kind of shunning that has already happened in the fields of endocrinology and psychiatry. For a good example of what is happening in the latter field, I suggest you consult the case of Dr. Allan Josephson, a distinguished psychiatrist who, since 2003, has transformed the division of child and adolescent psychiatry and psychology at the University of Louisville from a struggling department to a nationally acclaimed program. He was demoted and effectively fired for appearing on a panel (on his own time, and not as a representative of his university), run by a conservative think tank in order to express his concerns about wholesale affirmation and medical alteration of children. The trouble with democracy—one trouble anyway—is our complacency. We are too trusting. We think our liberties are well protected in law. We have no sense of how easily and perniciously laws can be amended when ideologues infiltrate the law schools and populate the benches, the bar associations and the law societies. The whole idea of human rights is being transmogrified before our eyes, and we sit there watching, superannuated classical-liberal deer in the progressive headlights. I wish my imaginary scenario with the gynecology discipline were a satirical proposition. It is for the moment. But I have no faith that it will remain imaginary. The following words have—in format—become a cliché, but only because the insight the original words represent is so often the most fitting commentary on a democracy’s demise, which always begins with the sacrifice of individual freedoms on the altar of irrational dogmas: “First they came for the waxologists, but I did not speak up because I was not a waxologist …” https://www.thepostmillennial.com/as-absurd-as-it-is-the-jessica-yaniv-case-has-serious-implications/
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    oh yeah I keep forgetting about greed.
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    Best of luck to my licensed colleagues. That situation really is a travesty. There is no way Engineers should be on the same contract as rampies.
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    “When someone says global warming, we think about the fact that it’s getting warmer,” he said. “And that’s true, it is, but the climate is changing in the upper atmosphere as well.” According to research conducted by Williams, the type of “severe clear air turbulence” experienced by passengers aboard Air Canada flight AC33 Thursday – which resulted in an emergency landing at Honolulu’s international airport and sent 37 people to hospital – could double or even triple as carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere rise. https://globalnews.ca/news/5489393/frequency-of-severe-air-turbulence-could-triple-due-to-climate-change/ Any UK scientist associated with the IPCC is him/herself subject to debate...
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    As a trainee technician, he may have lacked the experience and knowledge to make a proper risk assessment. It's a task that should require supervision.
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    Know the enemy... https://www.ktvn.com/story/39754698/responding-to-electric-car-fires-requires-new-training-for-firefighters
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    July 4, 2019 7:34 pm Updated: July 4, 2019 8:41 pm Kenney government launches inquiry into foreign-funded groups that criticize Alberta’s oil industry By Adam MacVicar Digital Journalist Global News News: Alberta energy front and centre with Sohi visitx WATCH ABOVE: Federal Natural Resources Minister Amarjeet Sohi was in Calgary on Thursday to discuss the future of the energy sector, while Premier Jason Kenney laid out the next steps in his government's plan to fight for Alberta oil. Adam MacVicar reports. Alberta’s provincial government is launching an inquiry into foreign-funded interest groups with campaigns against Alberta oil. Premier Jason Kenney made the announcement on Thursday, appointing forensic and restructuring accountant Steve Allen to commission the inquiry. The authority of the $2.5-million inquiry will be limited to Alberta and won’t be able to compel testimony from outside Alberta. However, there will be an information review, research and witness interviews involved. The second phase of the inquiry could also include public hearings. “There’s never been a formal investigation into all aspects of the anti-Alberta energy campaign,” Kenney said. “The mandate for Commissioner Allan will be to bring together all of the information.” Related B.C. researcher argues anti-Alberta oil campaigns about protecting U.S. interests, not environment Alberta to offload crude by rail contracts, raises oil quotas for August Higher oil prices, more tax income: Alberta ends 2018-19 with smaller deficit READ MORE: Kenney says higher risk tolerance, ability to act quickly key for Alberta energy ‘war room’ Kenney pointed to research conducted by Vivian Krause, whose studies have led her to believe the push against the oilsands is funded by American philanthropists in an effort to landlock Alberta oil so it cannot reach overseas markets, where it would attain a higher price per barrel. According to Kenney, the inquiry will look at the broad picture of these interest groups, but will target groups funded by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the Tides Foundation and the Sea Change Foundation. “[The campaign’s] main tactics have been disinformation and defamation, litigation, public protests and political lobbying,” Kenney said. There are currently no laws preventing environmental groups from from accepting donations from outside of Canada or for advocating for action on the environment and climate change. According to Kenney, the regulations were changed by the federal government lifting limits on political activity by these groups. Kenney said he would seek advice from the commissioner on whether questionable spending by these groups prior to the amendments to the law could be a legal issue the province could address. He also vowed to bring in a law that bans foreign money from Alberta politics. The premier said the inquiry isn’t an attack on free speech. He also said groups within Alberta could be subject to provide public testimony to the inquiry. Kenney said the biggest question is around the interest these groups have in the Canadian energy sector. “I believe having foreign interest groups funnel tens or perhaps hundreds of millions of dollars into a campaign designed massively to damage our vital economic interests is a matter of the greatest public concern,” Kenney said. “The energy industry and the emissions challenge are global. The question then is, why is the anti-energy campaign so overwhelmingly and disproportionately focused on one major producer? “Why aren’t these groups running campaigns to block pipelines in the United States to the same extent that they have in Canada?” READ MORE: Ottawa won’t rush into sale of Trans Mountain pipeline to Indigenous groups: Sohi Federal Natural Resources Minister Amarjeet Sohi was in Calgary on Thursday for an address to the city’s chamber of commerce. He said foreign influence should be a concern but that he believes there should be reflection into why there has been a challenge to get pipelines built. “We should always be concerned if foreign influence is trying to influence policy in your country, or the development of resources in your country,” Sohi said. “But I think we need to look inside within Canada: why are we not able to build pipelines? “I think you will find reasons within our own country for not moving forward with those projects.” Not everyone is on board with the inquiry. NDP economic development critic Deron Bilous called the inquiry a fool’s errand, and said the government is spending money on trying to find somebody to blame for the position the province is in. “What the premier is trying to do is change the channel on his abysmal record thus far as far as job creation,” Bilous said. “What Albertans want to see is job creation. What they don’t want to see is a glorified witch hunt.” According to Justice Minister and Attorney General Doug Schweitzer, the inquiry will take a year to complete and a report will be delivered to the government on July 2, 2020 with recommendations on how the government should proceed.
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    Another thought is that the removal of the MAX from fleets has the existing aircraft running harder than ever. You can only do that for so long before things start to break.
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    Clarification has been provided. Thanks
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    I guess they didn't read this: https://www.cbc.ca/news/health/teen-self-harm-emotional-maturity-1.5174104 'New 18 now is 28': How screens delay teens' emotional maturity
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    How many Canadians are saying the same thing after 3 years of Trudeaus government??
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    Sea Level Air Force....
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    Perhaps it was their Lay-‘D-Day’ bug salute. . . . .
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    FINALLY! Proof Positive We're Doomed: https://www.cnn.com/2019/05/23/opinions/one-year-to-tackle-climate-change-opinion-mountford/index.html We have less time than you think to jump-start climate action By Helen Mountford If political leaders finally respond to the climate crisis, we may well have these youthful advocates to thank. But there is a problem with this timeline: We don't have 12 years to jump-start action on climate change -- we have just one. According to an article in the journal Nature, global greenhouse gas emissions must peak no later than next year and rapidly decline thereafter for us to have a good chance of preventing increasingly severe consequences from the climate crisis -- everything from imperiled croplands, flooded communities and widespread disease. Delaying any longer will push us toward an ecological tipping point, with no way for humanity to claw its way back out. ...
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    I thought that she just followed directions from her personal photographer.
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    How do you know a drummer is at the door? The knock speeds up.
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    Ladies and Gentleman... Boeing is proud to present to you our Latest aircraft......the all new "777 Max". Featuring our inovative new system called....MCAS. Allowing anybody that has ever flown an old 777 to just hop in and go !
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    No punches pulled...the straight facts ! Every Canadian voter should be made to watch this !
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    Do you mean "here" like here on the forum or "here" like here in Canada?
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    Thank god for those 100% ++++ rebates. At these prices Vancourites will soon all be zillionaires
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    "The problems we face today are there because the people who work for a living are now outnumbered by those who vote for a living."
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    In addition to the guns/murder problem, Toronto is moving down a slippery slope with safe injection sites. Neighbourhoods are facing serious problems with the related drug dealing, prostitution, defecation, and aggressive behaviour of the “patients”. No one at city council will admit there is a problem..residents who don’t feeling safe walking in their neighbourhoods are labellied NIMBYs. Here is what happened in Seattle, while trying to do the “right” thing. At the 19:00, and at 31:00. sound familiar?
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    From the study: ”The pathogenic role of UV-A in melanoma is well established. UV-A is capable of causing DNA damage in cell culture5 and in animal models.6 Pilots flying for 56.6 minutes at 30 000 feet receive the same amount of UV-A carcinogenic effective radiation as that from a 20-minute tanning bed session. These levels could be significantly higher when flying over thick cloud layers and snow fields, which could reflect up to 85% of UV radiation. Airplane windshields do not completely block UV-A radiation and therefore are not enough to protect pilots. UV-A transmission inside airplanes can play a role in pilots’ increased risk of melanoma.” I’d be concerned.