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    That must be true, every time deicer posts something I ignore it.
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    which is exactly why driving in toronto is a dangerous experience. Because everyone is on their damned phone
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    Taking immediate action here is easy. Make all highways in Canada a max of 90 KPH and rigidly enforce that with photo radar. Decreased fuel consumption and a lower death toll on our highways would be the immediate result. Ya.... I know, liberal cars are magic and achieve maximum efficiency at 110 KPH.... right?
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    Did one in a T-33, but inadvertently, and ended up in a low level tumble..... (Student was doing a vertical roll and got confused..I think I already posted the story a long time ago)
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    H2O is the single largest green house gas in the atmosphere but there is ZERO they can do about that so they o to the next most common one and make it an issue. You want to remove more CO2 from the atmosphere? PLANT MORE TREES DUMBASS.