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    H2O is the single largest green house gas in the atmosphere but there is ZERO they can do about that so they o to the next most common one and make it an issue. You want to remove more CO2 from the atmosphere? PLANT MORE TREES DUMBASS.
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    I have a better suggestion (although the possibility of larger c-series variants would be intriguing). CR should contact Brad Tilden at Alaska. AS is still working through the operational nightmare of a mixed fleet having inherited the Airbus leases from VA. My guess is that AS might be a motivated partner for an Airbus/Boeing fleet swap with AC. Airbus fleet at AS will be 10/53/10 319/320/*321NEO by June 2019. AS also inherited 30 A320NEO delivery slots (which have been pushed back from 2020-2022 to 2022-2024). Airbus leases start to expire in 2019 and are slowly staggered to expire thereafter. 10 of the 320’s are owned. AS has been aggressively converting MAX8 slots to MAX9 slots. AC has done the opposite. Regardless of the current 737 ‘crisis’, AS will always be a large and loyal 737 customer. Their commitment to the 737 product line is all encompassing and long term. I have no idea what the lease terms are for the Airbuses at AS, but assuming commercially reasonable terms I cannot see why AC would not be interested in assuming some of those leases in exchange for assigning the 24 MAX’s and remaining 737 deliveries to AS. AC could add the 10 AS 321NEO’s to current fleet and use the 320 leases to bridge to the 30 320 NEO deliveries. AC could also talk to Airbus about reverting the delivery schedule back to 2020-2022 and/or converting some of the 320NEO slots to 321NEO slots. Sure seems like a win-win to me for both AC and AS. Also looks like a good deal for Boeing and Airbus as well. I think that through different commercial transactions both airlines ended up with fleets that were sub-optimal. This would correct that anomaly and return the fleets to a more stable and efficient state.