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    For all of MSNBC’s flaws, and there are many, at least Democrats are not played for fools by that far-left outlet. Unlike CNN, which insults its audience with its laughable pose as objective, MSNBC makes no secret of its left-wing biases.
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    Watching it all unfold is tremendously entertaining because the entire thought process is unfathomable. Liberals in general (Democrats in particular) seem completely oblivious to the steep cliffs that border the mountain path they are walking on. They are unable to read the signs and adjust to changing circumstances outside the confines of their own agenda and I doubt they could track a blind buffalo through mud. The country is hungry for reasonable alternatives and they are so totally and completely AWOL that I'm now betting on the buffalo. In fact, he should run as an independent.
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    """"Called “Sleeper Seat,” the concept includes a specially designed mattress can be laid out over the three seats to allow a passenger to stretch out"""" Well the average seat width is 18 inches so that gives you 54 inches, and lets add 3 arm rests, (two in centre and one for each end of the bed) and give them 3 inches so we are up to 63 inches of bed.... and a slop factor of 3 inches.................. so to STRETCH OUT you better check your height !! I can just see feet sticking out in the aisle making the trip to the washroom and obstacle course.