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    I was sitting in my car at Walmart the other day, watching this woman, who apparently forgot where she parked. She kept putting her remote in the air and every time she squeezed it …I honked my horn.
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    If WOW goes belly up does it become MOM ?
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    Further to the above, when you engage in patently false claims to support a false narrative even your supporters are inclined to see through it because the lie needs to be expanded every time it's challenged. Not only that, you need to either ignore or downplay actual events that clearly run contrary to the stated position and at some point, as was the case in the gun control debate, your over played hand is on full display. Since most people don't get to see this stuff first hand, a little research is required. Have a look at the persecution of Christians (across the board) and tell me why it is so grossly under reported and ignored. Initial reports from Sri Lanka all referred to the victims as "worshippers" until they were called on it. They couldn't even say the word Christian. Yes, people actually noticed that. In the meantime though, here is an example of the dangers inherent with false claims to support false narratives, you never know when that traitorous Easter Bunny will see through your position and start the next question with "wait a minute now": When the Easter Bunny doesn't believe you it's a potential problem, especially in an election year. https://torontosun.com/opinion/columnists/lilley-trudeau-plays-politics-on-terrorism-again
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    It's statements like that which cause reasonable people's eyes to glaze over. Do you really think anyone believes that any Conservative government anywhere is actually dedicated to making the population dumber or that it deliberately manipulates the eduction system to achieve that end? If the road is in poor condition in my riding (Liberal BTW) am I then to conclude that Liberals want more accidents and fatalities on the highway? No one really believes that sheer is a white suprematist regardless of how many times JT screams it. They don't believe he is a Nazi either and making those statements only minimizes the evil effects those ideologies have perpetrated and insults the intelligence of reasonable people. Moving forward, Liberals and Democrats had better start thinking about how reasonable people view their antics.... time is short. As a former Liberal, I see it as over the top, self destructive and thus, bordering on idiotic. At a minimum, it is a huge insult and disservice to anyone who has ever been victimized by white suprematist or Nazi atrocities. Minimizing these things in a flippant manner for obvious and craven political ends will serve them poorly in the long run IMO. Where have reasonable, moderate, compassionate Liberals gone? Find me one and I'll vote for it. If the only reason your cabinet is 50% women is because it's 2015 then STOP. If the best people available are all women and 100% of the cabinet are women as a result, you will get no argument from me.
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    This is a big part of the problem and explains how we got to this point IMO. Listen to any of the questions posed at one of those town hall meetings and the underlaying premise is always "what are you going to do for me?" It's never about what is good for the country. Ironically, what is good for the country is usually good for you but people don't see it that way. In the age of identity politics, what is good for you as an individual likely differs from what is good for your neighbour. Hence polarization. And the real kicker here is that identity politics invariably boil down to sovereignty of the individual anyway; you can divide any group identity in a thousand ways. Then there is the inevitable 1% discussion that always arises at election time.... tax the 1%. I've been hearing this since about grade 6 and it hasn't happened yet, might be time to move on. There will always be a 1%, Price's law is governing here and attempts to thwart it have historically been monumental failures. How many times do I have to hear tax the rich or cut the fat tied to some crazy scheme that is going to be expensive. Liberals are all over this until they discover that they are the fat rich ones. I believe none of it now, never again will I fall for strident chants in support of Liberal values. The whole open borders thing is stupidity in 3D. We can't even handle a few refugees in a sanctuary city without giving up with a whimper and drying our tears with an omnibus bill.... that's the critter JT swore never to use as I recall. Meanwhile in California, arguably the most basic, easiest and cheapest aspect of sanctuary city responsibilities has literally turned to crap.... what makes the Democrats so dangerous is that they want even more of what they already have too much of.... it's like an addiction and they will need to hit rock bottom before they entertain the notion of rehab: https://www.foxnews.com/us/san-francisco-sees-brownout-amid-spike-in-public-pooping-reports-say
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    This is what I've been trying to say. This statement is right out of the Max and NG flight crew training manuals "Excessive air loads on the stabilizer may require effort by both pilots to correct the mis-trim. In extreme cases it may be necessary to aerodynamically relieve the air loads to allow manual trimming. Accelerate or decelerate towards the in-trim speed while attempting to trim manually." Several years ago on the NG there was a requirement to trim the stabilizer full nose down prior to deicing to ensure the fluid was drained. In order to accomplish this the electric trim was used to its limit - which is not full nose down - the cutout switches were then moved to cutout and the remaining trim travel was done manually. From that experience I can tell you that holding a mis-trimmed elevator control back while trying to lean forward and operate a very stubborn crank would be no easy task! It is possible they were not successful trimming manually and flipped the switches back on. According to what we've been reading opposite trim inputs with the thumb switches should revers the MCAS inputs. Perhaps they ran out of time? MCAS, or any other runaway trim condition needs an immediate response or the possibility exists of it becoming unrecoverable IMHO
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    A colleague and myself actually mused the other day of the idea of moving Sunwing passengers from a brand new, sophisticated, state of the art Boeing 737MAX to a bunch of clapped out B767 operators out of Miami all in the abundance of safety. In my humble opinion....
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    https://www.earthhour.org/country/canada Remember to turn on all your lights at 8:30 PM local time tonight!
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    Well done AC crew. Sounds like an appropriate use of a Mayday call to me. No BS, get the CFR rolling, get priority, land the plane.
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    Hi Vs, all valid points & questions. The AMM shows that there are indexing pins for the -400 installation and I have to believe that the same applies to all Boeings, as would the testing processes after installation. Interestingly, the test involves moving the vane to the -20 & 20 degree position to measure electrical output, so the I believe the max readings are +/-20deg and that's where JT610's left sensor was reading ...
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    If trimming with the pickle switches stops/helps/impedes the problem why all the focus on trying to find the appropriate checklist (Lionair) With proper training and experience I think most pilots would lean toward a stabilizer problem. No question that having multiple systems barking at you can muddy your focus, but you still have ground speed/power settings/artificial horizon, and in both of these incidents a visual horizon. There is a faulty system on the Boeing that needs a remedy, but the larger issue appears to be basic piloting ability. Systems do fail, we've all been grilled in the sim - fly the airplane first.
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    My neighbor, while stationed in Colorado Springs was a Spectre Gunship Commander (C-130) in Vietnam.....said he could put 50 rounds through your bathroom window from 10, 000 feet. He was a retired L/Col USAF and his hobby was repairing worn washers and dryers. He would have 6-8 machines on his driveway every day tearing them apart and rebuilding them. He took mine and gave me a pair of refurbished machines.......the next day he was over and asked if the next time I flew to Canada if I could bring him back a set of those screwdrivers that fit those damned square holed screws
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    Another lighter moment, taking a poke at a fave...
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    Okay, not the aircraft but the sim, sharp looking. https://twitter.com/rvr600/status/1118580015447384064
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    If you are suggesting that he is I think you are part of the very problem you seem to oppose. If there is evidence bring it forward, the entire notion of exaggerated claims, manufactured evidence and false convictions (as a result) is exactly what we are talking about here. Really, because he didn't condemn it, he is favour of it? By that logic, since AOC has not condemned the attacks in Sri Lanka as she did in New Zealand, are we to conclude that she hates Christians and approves of the massacre. Since Canadian Muslims have not been condemning this in a big way are we to assume they approve? Yes indeed, I can do this all day and make it progressively more silly as I go along. If silence is deemed "cowardly" how much more so is a snippet of truth woven into a tapestry of lies in support of a narrative. There is a big difference between this and bias. Bias is partiality and favouritism.... the current level of lies, name calling and fabricated news bites is something all together different. As far as I know, JT has not condemned the practice of playing bagpipes in kayaks.... does that make him culpable in boating accidents where bagpipes are deemed to be a cause factor? In actual fact though, pipers are more likely to be shot by a neighbour..... I don't recall hearing him condemn that either. Maybe he hates pipe bands too. Canadians of Scottish descent are outraged.
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    Yes, some posts are biased according to the beliefs of the poster and some linked articles are biased too but I was responding specifically to the bit - " Perhaps then every one would understand how they are being manipulated by the few to gain control." I don't feel like anyone is manipulating me to gain control (here on the forum) so maybe that means I'm the one doing the manipulating - although that doesn't feel right either.
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    This is what inciting hysterical insanity gets you.... fun to hear the repetitious talking points now, like FOX is an echo, echo, echo, echo chamber. Hark, from whence comes that echo? https://video.foxnews.com/v/6027817937001/#sp=show-clips
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    Bull crap, I say. Do you really truly think a one or two year fluctuation is the result of "climate change"? I've had it with this "sky is falling" narrative being brain-washed into our younger generation and being readily accepted by our scientific illiterate older generation.
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    Don has summed it up well. Check lists and Memory Items are all the pilots can really do and one could possibly insert your comment in any emergency procedure at some point. Naturally there are circumstances where a pilot may try another procedure should the checklist he is using does not resolve the problem, but in doing so, he may actually exacerbate the problem because deviating from the prescribed check list is a gamble and the consequences are not known. Armchair quarterbacking is something we all do and some of the thoughts/opinions put forth may be valid but when time is of the essence one has to realize, that in an emergency pilots are wired to follow "known" procedures and check-lists.
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    Great synopsis from Rex Murphy. https://nationalpost.com/opinion/rex-murphy-trudeau-damned-rachel-notley-and-gave-jason-kenney-generous-outside-help/amp Love this part... “A fourth reason for Kenney’s success, and this one threads the other three, was the “fire in the hole” of his campaign — that “Alberta will no longer be passive” in the face of the calumnies remorselessly hurled at the province’s industry by the Green machine’s propaganda arm, professional activists, California-Canadians (Neil Young), drive-by supermodel-addicts (Leonardo DiCaprio) and the ever-useless and cloying Bill Nye. In my experience nothing more has depressed the general morale of many in Alberta than every holier-than-everybody-else Green peddler’s bleating to the world about Fort McMurray’s sins against the planet, and the daily slanders from the pulpits of the grand imperial church of global warming.”
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    Gosh, I don't know what's acceptable anymore conehead. We are in a period of great flux. As my brother, an electrical engineer, says with a smile, "That's the wonderful thing about standards: there are so many to choose from." To me anyway, the Boeing manuals I have experience with are thin on information. The details of what a control or indicator actually does and how it works are absent. I think there is less than even pilot-NTK information but that's just my view. I know the reasons, one of which Boeing itself stated recently with regard to MCAS. So, for the 250 turns, I have two sources...one was a PPRuNe post on the Ethiopian thread, and the other was a site where someone was building their own flight-simulator and made the statement regarding "250 turns". Kip's mental filing cabinet may very well be functioning perfectly! One way or another, people will find things out, fill stuff in or, these days it seems to me, with increasing legitimacy, just make up the information they want or need. It's always best that original, formal sources, (the manufacturers, the regulator, etc.), share as much as they can when working in high-risk enterprises. Otherwise, trust in information, (and resulting behaviours) become an issue as we "choose" our standard then claim we've met it. Not a good way to do aviation, in my opinion.
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    That must be true, every time deicer posts something I ignore it.
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    H2O is the single largest green house gas in the atmosphere but there is ZERO they can do about that so they o to the next most common one and make it an issue. You want to remove more CO2 from the atmosphere? PLANT MORE TREES DUMBASS.
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    The grounding of the MAX is a reality. AC is significantly affected. CR has an obligation to manage the company through the crisis. The MAX customer perception issue will not likely be fully erased with the return to service, whenever that may be. Planning, contingency planning, and response planning are all part of strategic planning. Nobody wanted an accident or would seek to benefit from one. But the MAX situation will impact different operators in different ways. Each operator will have to formulate its own response.
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    The only thing more regular than WestJet's April fools video is the usual round of complaining about it.
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    He has been a very good CEO. Transforming AC into a business that can hold its own against the likes of WestJet, Sunwing and Air Transat was quite a feat. I like him personally, too. He’s kind of quiet but determined, and he communicates well with employees. I give him big credit for saving the DB pension plans.
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    From what I've heard, this would be the first time the words "Eastern" and "handling logistics" have appeared in the same sentence.
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    “If you are a multi-engine private pilot and planning to trave,l you need to call the reservations number of the airline – tell them you are a qualified private pilot willing to take right seat duties - your ticket will be issued at no charge” And if you tell them that you stayed in a Holiday Inn Express the previous night, you get the left seat! No duff!
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    Mayday Mayday Mayday was/is absolutely the correct call here. Obviously handled very professionally. If I were to critique, it would be over how the fuel onboard was reported. The first call said "5000 tonnes" (obviously incorrect), which when later was asked to be clarified by the tower, the other voice replied "5.1"......(5.1 what?) Fun being the armchair QB. Great job by the crew!
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    What's your concern with this?
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    Nope... The beaver was lost to me when they put the new fangled turbo whatchamacallits on the front of it, giving it a big nose. Its just wrong and doesn't sound right.
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    Looking at my 767 manual for the -200 it has a split system in the event of a Jam. 25 pounds is all thats required to split the columns
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    From Malcolm’s post above. 1) Boeing needs to fix this, but ALSO: 2) Pilots need better training on the aircraft. The cutout switches have been present on every B737 since the -100. IMHO T9
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    ‎Today, ‎March ‎22, ‎2019, ‏‎31 minutes ago Wilson-Raybould to provide emails, texts and written statement on SNC-Lavalin affair ‎Today, ‎March ‎22, ‎2019, ‏‎31 minutes ago | CBC News Jody Wilson-Raybould says she will provide a written statement and copies of text messages and emails to the Commons justice committee that shut down its probe into the SNC-Lavalin affair.
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    Regarding AOA and who has what feature. I find the press coverage interesting. Air Canada has a more comprehensive installation, yet the press articles start with 'Air Canada and Westjet' and downplay the role of the AOA indication. I have to wonder, if the situation was reversed, would we see, 'Air Canada lacks important safety component'? And nothing from Sunwing. Hmm. IMO the AOA indication's value depends a bit on the aircraft envelope. The Citation I flew a million years ago had it, and it was a straight wing aircraft. Far from being a distraction, I found it provided a great immediate reference in a number of situations. For the MAX, the AOA location just becomes one more scan item. The pilots I have spoken with about it have no issues and are generally happy it's there. Given what we now know about the link between AOA and unexpected aircraft behaviour, just having an 'AOA disagree' without an immediate visual indication of which AOA is saying what, that creates a period of confusion as to whether the failure is on the low side or the high. Finally, the AOA indication is not going to be a distraction during an MCAS firing. What it IS going to do is warn the pilots of an impending problem while they are still configured (flaps not yet retracted) so they can decide on a mitigation up front (leave the flaps out for a bit perhaps, so delay acceleration, get some altitude or stay configured and return, etc). AOA indications are a good thing. The customers who shelled out on their own to install them should get a credit from Boeing when the rest of the world gets them for free. Finally, as soon as Boeing and the regulators start rolling out the fix, the grounding should shift from total airspace bans to unmodified aircraft and crew. If we don't recognise investment in additional layers of safety, that investment will not continue, human nature being what it is. The reasons for this grounding are ample proof of that sad fact. All just my opinion. Vs
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    For all of MSNBC’s flaws, and there are many, at least Democrats are not played for fools by that far-left outlet. Unlike CNN, which insults its audience with its laughable pose as objective, MSNBC makes no secret of its left-wing biases.
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    In my case, I agree,....I know a few folks where their DC was run by an idiot and they lost a very significant amount..... both plans are totally acceptable, but must be Properly Run..
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    Wrong!!!! You can never win an argument with a Liberal.
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    https://www.facebook.com/669514516/posts/10158449515914517?sfns=mo To all the school kids going on 'strike' for Climate Change: You are the first generation who have required air-conditioning in every classroom. You want TV in every room and your classes are all computerized . You spend all day and night on electronic devices. More than ever, you don't walk or ride bikes to school but arrive in caravans of private cars that choke local roads and worsen rush hour traffic. You are the biggest consumers of manufactured goods ever and update perfectly good expensive luxury items to stay trendy, Your entertainment comes from electric devices. Furthermore, the people driving your protests are the same people who insist on artificially inflating the population growth through immigration, which increases the need for energy, manufacturing and transport. The more people we have, the more forest and bushland we clear and more of the environment is destroyed. How about this... Tell your teachers to switch off the air-con. Walk or ride to school. Switch off your devices and read a book. Make a sandwich instead of buying manufactured fast food. No, none of this will happen because you are selfish, badly educated, virtue signalling little 'princesses', inspired by the adults around you who crave a feeling of having a 'noble cause' while they indulge themselves in Western luxury and unprecedented quality of life. Wake up, grow up and learn to research facts and think for yourself and not blindly accept the words and thoughts of others - I don't think you formulated this action plan all by your self - suspect you may have had some influence and 'guidance' from those you trust ....a word of warning, be cautious of the influence of the 'left' because there may be a time in the future that you will be the ones left out...
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    blues, good picking indeed. I think any examination of the matter before FAA & Boeing needs to include the subject of "type" and the overriding priority of "commonality" in cockpits. There are good reasons and good ways for permitting crews to operate different types. Swissair had crews flying A320's & A330's. I believe some are doing B767 & B777 cross-qualification, (someone can verify, perhaps). Any conclusion to this is going to have to find ways of convincing the flying public that a "grounded" airplane that was perfectly safe prior to grounding is perfectly safe to return to service. As another said, there is no way back, because there was no legitimate, reasonable way into the grounding that hasn't been addressed by the FAA/Boeing documents of December 2018. The disturbingly-comfortable relationship between the FAA and Boeing also requires an examination and not just an investigation. I keep pushing Vaughan's book because it actually made a difference at NASA after Columbia. It is absolutely necessary here if Boeing is not to have another, similiar matter on their hands, because right now, they and the FAA are broken and it is not merely an instrumental solution that can fix them.
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    The Deficit will continue to increase no matter what government is in power. Maybe an insignificant decrease but it will be short lived. Governments spend, are poor at creative ways to generate income so they even start borrowing from themselves. OHIP - EVERYONE pays this. It should be self sustaining however the government chooses to use the money elsewhere. Not cool. Road Maintenance - Every dollar you put in the tank of your car pays for this or at least it is supposed to but nope, general revenue. This list could get long as to where the allocated funds actually end up. The systems was suppose to segregate the funds to specific accounts but that no longer happens. Federally lok at the CPP. NONE of that money belongs to the government. It belongs 100% to US that pay into it. Yet the government sees fit to borrow that money and then tell us it is an entitlement. Again thats not how its supposed to work. All governments are responsible for this mess not just the left. Harris committed political suicide by doing exactly what Ford is doing.
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    Just for the record, it wasn’t just Scheer who didn’t mention Muslims......Liberal Minister Goodale and Liberal appointed GG Payette were also “guilty”: -- Andrew Scheer says criticism over his initial failure to mention that Muslims were targeted in the recent mass murder in New Zealand is "completely baseless" and driven by "disgusting" Liberal efforts to score political points from the tragedy. Moreover, he argued that initial tweets by Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale and Governor General Julie Payette also didn't specifically mention mosques or Muslims. https://www.ctvnews.ca/politics/scheer-criticism-for-not-mentioning-muslims-in-n-z-statement-completely-baseless-1.4349360 And it’s funny how the election is shaping up, far from the Liberals pledge to avoid name calling, which the media is to blame as well, but here is a sample of words/phrases from the articles in Deicer s post: white supremecist, cowardly silence, alt right, white nationalists, toxic company, racism infused policies, Canadian bigots, rancid shoulder to rancid shoulder, odious likes of, dangerous sinister slope. Pretty hard taking the bias out of those pieces and coming up with an unbiased view of Scheer and the Conservatives.
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    we only have so many options. 2 actually. Bad or bad. The remaining are in in the race but lame and unable to finish. Our government, at all levels, is out for them selves and their cronies. blue, red,orange or green no one is looking out for Canada.
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    Ford is just Wynne on Steroids. He is doing exactly the same things only he brought back the Mike Harris Tactics. Ontario is no better off under Ford, in fact in some places we are actually worse off.