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    I’ve got a pain in my ass.....will he apologize for that?
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    I completely understand your concern and at a political level I share it. I suspect I have done a poor job of articulating my apprehension here. If government interference was motivated by concern over job losses within the context of a new regulation, I'm prepared to cut them a bit of slack. But, if they had full knowledge of manifestly criminal (meaning subversive and treasonous activities) that took place during coalition operations and STILL chose to interfere.... it raises it to an entirely new level IMO. Is it just me? Am I looking at this wrong? I would like to think it is as simple as what you see it to be.... and, I would dearly like you to convince me that it is.
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    Weathervaning is a function of the friction coefficient vs perpendicular wind speed. Low friction coefficient and high wind speed means tires will not hold aircraft in place. Can occur in motion or stationary. I have seen it on an iced ramp.
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    After the finalization all flights should be limited to legs of 3 hours or less because apparently you cant sit on an airplane any longer than that. What is the difference between flying Singapore to New York or sitting on the plane on the ground (other than the obvious not going anywhere thing). I do agree that airlines should perhaps carry enough commissary to adequately provide fluids and small snacks during a delay of this type. I had a 6 hour flight from YHZ-YYZ last year, 4 hours of that sitting on the ground in YHZ waiting for a ground stop to be lifted. The AC crew was awesome and continually offered water to passengers. to me it was better than sitting in the terminal as I could at least watch a movie or have a nap. I am not sure the people are complaining so much about being on the plane as they are about the long delay and no information. As for being on there with no Air Conditioning. That is actually dangerous and I do believe those passengers should get compensation.
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    I believe I may have mentioned it previously and I don't think the mods will mind as it is a window into the minds that created, designed, built & flew the aircraft - a really good thread about Concorde here.
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    Careful what you wish for. That would be the worst possible scenario for the Conservatives. The Liberals will elect a female for a leader and Canadian voters will go wonkers over it totally forgetting why she was put there in the first place. Yes... Canadian voters are that stupid ! Conservatives NEED Trudeau in place for the election cycle because anything other than him would be an improvement for the Liberals.
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    Well, obviously the passengers and crews are using a different yardstick - the passengers are primarily concerned with amenities; ease of parking, shopping, restaurants, plugins for their phones while crews are concerned with gate power and air-conditioning that works, runway clearing and nav aids. The passengers concerns for amenities are not trivial and I would never advocate for a reduction in comfort but you cannot sacrifice the primary purpose of the airport to meet them.
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    This is priceless: https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/entry/cpac-russian-flags-trump_us_58b0ca06e4b060480e0827ab