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    Looks good. We flew on BEA from LHR-GLA-LHR in 1969. My father had interline passes and BEA delivered us from their London ticket office directly to the ramp parked Vanguard sitting us in club facing seats. Return flight was a Viscount. Talk about royal treatment!
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    Besides "JODY" Philpott has now resigned. Could not support government regarding SNC. Disregard- Malcolm beat me to it -again!
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    Sorry, gotta disagree - Saskatchewan is right about almost everything!
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    Precisely. Their Quality control system is obviously seriously lacking. We know that the skilled labour force for this type of work is shrinking and positions are being filled with inexperienced workers being overseen by a smaller pool of experienced workers. While this keeps production on schedule (generally) it places a greater burden on those that have to inspect and oversee the work. A persone cannot be in several places at once so some inspections likely go undone or are skimmed over. In the case of FOD in the fuel tanks etc. the inspection likely consists of the question "did you remove everything from the tank" to which the answer is usually yes. My fear is that this will become a more wide spread problem throughout the industry as the availability of the skilled labour diminishes. We are already seeing increasing competition for skilled aircraft trades people. It's only going to get worse.
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    now we can blame the car and not the driver. yet another way to not accept responsibility for being an idiot behind the wheel.
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    Jean Alesi. My friend saw the photo. Got in touch with the photographer and received a proper print. He had Alesi and the Concord chief pilot sign it. I have a copy. We toured the Benetton F1 factory as well as the Red Bull factory. He moved teams the first year after Red Bull bought out Stewart F1