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    They've picked the first crew already!
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    It would seem that many folks went to Haiti this year and now want to come back to Canada because Haiti has once again erupted into political violence. Those that flew down using AT are whining that AT isn't doing enough to get them out of the country. Most have huddled in a resort and are screaming for AT to fly down and rescue them AT has an aircraft and crew on standby and , rightly so, are not going to turn a wheel until they can be guaranteed safe arrival and departure What is wrong with these idiotic travelers that feel that the airline that flew them down there should rescue them just because they may have paid for a round trip ticket?? I am bias, but having been there decades ago and that is the last country I would visit in my free time, (taken to the hotel in armed vehicles and not allowed to leave hotel without armed escorts....so much fun.....,.and it was a humanitarian cargo flight). I understand there are probably many who went back to visit relatives that are still down there but they made that choice and if they think AT is going to endanger their staff to bring a few whiners back..........well they might have a long wait. Sorta like the woman that planned a trip down south and a few days after her arrival there was an earthquake and she wanted to sue AC for taking her to an area where there could be possible earthquakes any time of the century. And finally....since the quake of 2010 the USA has given Haiti 13 BILLION in aid and Canada has given 220 MILLION....where did this money go........? Don't bother answering because we all know where most of it went.
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    I don't think the chock is necessary...
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    People should be careful what they wish for....re passenger rights. With congestion/lack of gates at the super hub, the airlines might just as well cancel at the first wiff of a storm. It’s just too much trouble trying to operate.
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    Just when you think all the really stupid ideas have been used up someone comes along and proves you wrong.
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    Never under estimate the gullibility of Canadians.....Ontario is a sad example during the mcguinty/Wynne years....spend like crazy to buy votes, be everything to everybody without regard to balance. The perverse logic is that the liberals realize that the more they spend and therefore appeal to voters, the harder it is for the cons to clean up the mess, and the more vilified they will become. We need a balanced budget law. Watching trudeau news conference this am and he is blaming Raybould Wilson cabinet shift on departure of weasel Brison (who after saying he resigned to spend more time with his family, just accepted a VP position with BMO in Toronto,but I digress). ....... So if she was so valued as female indigenous member, why not leave her in place and give the veteran file to Sajan, as he has just done? https://business.financialpost.com/news/fp-street/former-liberal-cabinet-minister-scott-brison-joins-bmo-capital-markets