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    There seems to be no interest in what SNC- Lavalin was actually doing in Libya or who bribed who and to what end or purpose. If there is, I have been unable to find it. They (the company) had deep ties to the Gaddafi family and apparently had contract security on the ground while OUP operations were ongoing. I, for one, am not the least bit interested in whether the PMO tried to suppress a simple bribery prosecution in the "land of bribes", I have no doubt bribes were paid and no doubt the PMO wanted a settlement option as would I in JT's place..... but, and it's a great big honking BUT: I want to know what SNC - Lavalin was up to Libya, how much the government new about those operations and if the pressure not to prosecute was done with the foreknowledge of those operations and if those operations (themselves) were illegal or even treasonous under Canadian law. None of this makes sense to me and for that reason I smell rat....
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    The majority of Jazz Q400’s have WAAS and the ability to do LPV approaches. That and the old fashioned ILS. As well, the ability to take a 20-kit tailwind helps. The company has said they’re working on RNP approaches but I’m not holding my breath for that.
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    looks like it went for a bath in “type IV”. I suppose it is ‘eye-catching’.
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    winter in CANADA. Same thing every year and people still get surprised by it
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    What if he/she never showed up for either of the flights at all? Would they sue for that? Ridiculous!
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    The 747 spent much of it's glory days flying half to a third empty and were albatrosses to many of the airlines that bought them.