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    Ahh, you noticed my little 'frustration' thing there, didja? Sorry about that. Well, for a pretty smart bunch around here, some things tend to get missed. Like how far away and how different Gander and Goose Bay are from each other are. My ire stems from the endless number of comments are directed at Goose Bay (with which I have no connection except having been there a few dozen times years ago.) One is not even connected to the continent! But, thru this whole event, all the commentary was "how did this go so wrong?? What about 911?" Not even remotely connected. If Goose managed 7 large machines - I'd be amazed. They went above and beyond in that case. If there is 1 Customs official based there full time - well, see the sentence above. But, endlessly, folks keep commenting in the same frame confusing Gander with Goose with no effort to differentiate between the two. You are, by far, not the first to make the error. In the meantime, CBSA is explaining a non event. 16 hours in the middle of nowhere with no services in a real sense on an airplane that served them far better than sticking them in a hangar that is not legal or secure and probably 2 cans. It was an inconvenience. No more. But Goose Bay got the raw end of the deal cuz folks don't look stuff up. Gotta love Google don't cha? United got the picture, it appears, by deleting Goose as an alternate. Good plan. Ah, blood sugar's back up. Nice pic of Gander tho. Cheers
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    Maybe it's just me and I shouldn't dwell on a long history of bad luck, but I like magnetic compasses for the same reason I like cash. They both work when the lights go out or the batteries fail. The shift in the magnetic pole toward Russia is racist and clearly Trump's fault, the Democrats have promised an "isogonic" solution. Not aviation related to be sure, but my old Sylva compass has often proven its worth in the company of expensive GPS units. Usually by the time we get back to the Jeep, no one is laughing at it anymore. I once had a dual generator failure in a helicopter too, but the compass worked just fine. BTW, batteries rated for 30 mins only last 18. Then again, being as I'm retired and have a motorcycle, I guess it's no longer any of my business.
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    Uhh, no. The magnetic north pole, yes.
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    who elected the US world police. Let Venezuela work it out
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    Goose did accommodate seven large aircraft. Not nearly as many as Gander or Halifax. And try a Snicker’s bar.