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    Hey Kip, it's been a while. This is going to be a bit of a threadjack but what the hell. It's always amusing for me to read people's take on this stuff and their perception of history, and Johnny's is not even close. I can answer this one definitively for you. When WestJet started, grooming was part of the flight attendant job description. Full stop. There was no pilot or "voluntary" grooming it was just the flight attendants. There certainly was no culture of "we are all equal" in fact back then the pilots were all considered management. None of the original flight attendants, with the exception of the inflight managers had any airline experience. Actually very few people outside of the flight ops and tech ops groups had any airline experience and so the pilots were expected to lead. We didn't wear leather jackets to dress down, we wore them because we were trying to differentiate ourselves from the competition. Plus they are just cool. There was no "social experiment." The culture at the beginning was simply a culture of survival although having fun was also a big part of it. Everyone was prepared to do whatever was necessary to get the airline up and running and keep it aloft. There was a common goal and everyone was pulling in the same direction, a very rare occurrence in aviation and probably in most any business but it was immensely satisfying. Back then 6 legs a day was common, we often did more and our long haul flight was YEG - YVR at 1:20. I hated that one. All the rest were 60 minutes or less and it was 25 minute turns all day, if we were on time. It was awesome! But it became apparent to me very early on that the flight attendants were really challenged by the short sectors and short turns. They were rarely off their feet and never even had a chance to eat their lunch or get off the aircraft just to use a real toilet. They were part of my team and if I could help them in any way I would, so I did. It never occurred to me that grooming was beneath me or that I was demeaning my profession. Hell, when I was flying corporate I had to wash the damn dishes after the flight! If me donating 5 minutes of my time to help groom the cabin meant that a flight attendant could go up to the terminal and use the washroom, or sit down and eat a sandwich or just go stand on the bridge to get some un-recycled air or if it might get us out on time, why wouldn't I? It was immediately obvious how much they appreciated the help so it just became routine for me. I never told the FOs I flew with that they should help but they started to anyway and, well, here we are today. So I guess I will take the blame for starting pilot grooming at WestJet. Pilots don't want to groom any more. Cleaning up a 120 seat aircraft after a 60 minute flight is one thing, cleaning up a 170 seat aircraft after a 5 hour flight is something else again and I get that so maybe it's time for a change. One of the arguments trotted out though is that pilots need to spend their time focusing on "safety related" duties, not grooming. That would be hysterically funny if it wasn't so pathetic. Somehow we managed to complete all our safety related duties and help the FAs when we were doing our 25 minute turns and back then we had to do our own weight and balance and performance calculations, on paper no less! All that is spoon fed to us now and our turns are usually 60 minutes. Mind you, back then safety related duties did not include sitting in the flight deck for 20 minutes, feet up, sipping a coffee and staring at a phone. That seems to be priority one for a lot of individuals these days. So there you go Kip. Like many things, pilot grooming at WestJet is an evolutionary thing that has now become a financial issue. Grooming was just one of the things our illustrious union was supposed to take care of but our boys got thoroughly schooled at the negotiating table. That's another story entirely. DR
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    They've picked the first crew already!
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    Who really cares what anyone from Westjet thinks about Air Canada or what anyone at Air Canada thinks about Westjet. At the end of the day, is your life so shallow that your identity rests solely on who your employer is? I have been in this business for 31 years and I have yet to see any difference between a CAIL, AC, AT, WJ etc employee. It seems we all just want a decent way to earn a living, spend time with family and friends and fly our airplanes (the last time I looked both Westjet and Air Canada’s airplanes had two engines, a tail, two wings and went to some pretty decent places.)
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    I was sitting in my car at Walmart the other day, watching this woman, who apparently forgot where she parked. She kept putting her remote in the air and every time she squeezed it …I honked my horn.
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    ... and there it is. The first slam at a group of hard working people who are just like the rest of us. They go to work each day and do their best to serve the customers. We should be better than this. Like it or not, we're all small puppets in someone else's sideshow. IMHO we should try to remember that and keep it civil.
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    If WOW goes belly up does it become MOM ?
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    VS; Yes, I call it internet social media hyperventilation. It is inappropriate to hearken to millions of shrill, largely anonymous voices who conflate opinion with facts, in the face of what is already known; it is even worse to do so when nothing is known yet as is occurring in the present case.
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    Agreed. The scale of abuse and harassment in the workplace is almost too large to define, which is why cases like this are so often met with disbelief and reframing as entirely part of some other agenda. IMO, there is importance here that affects nearly everyone, whether employed or not, regardless of gender, race, age or creed. The common root is the misuse of power and abject entitlement to abuse someone who is vulnerable. Whether that abuse is sexual harassment, isolating someone so their concerns are not taken seriously, racial profiling, you name it - it's wrong and inflicts, sometimes life long or life ending harm. It gets further complicated when someone who has a secondary agenda also happens to have a valid point. It is all too easy to see the agenda and dismiss everything. That has been the path of least resistance for too long. Perhaps times are changing. Let's hope. Vs
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    And just to clarify my post for those that don't follow the rise and branding of "Air Italy"... Meridiana, a fledgling charter carrier was infused by dollars and aircraft from Qatar Airways who officially hold a 49% stake, but I think we all know really run the show at the rebranded "Air Italy" Qatar Airways is the wholly government owned and controlled flag carrier of Qatar, where homosexuality is punishable with sentences which have included prison and lashings.
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    I don't think the chock is necessary...
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    An Old Pilot's Reflections Pilots are people who drive airplanes for other people who can't fly. Passengers are people who say they fly, but really just ride. Fighter Pilots are steely eyed, weapons systems managers who kill bad people and break things. However, they can also be very charming and personable. The average fighter pilot, despite sometimes having a swaggering exterior, is very much capable of such feelings as love, affection, intimacy and caring. (However, these feelings don't involve anyone else.) Flying is a hard way to earn an easy living. Both optimists and pessimists contribute to society. The optimist invents the airplane; the pessimist invents the parachute. Death is just nature's way of telling you to watch your airspeed. As a pilot only two bad things can happen to you (and one of them will): a. One day you will walk out to the aircraft, knowing it is your last flight. b. One day you will walk out to the aircraft, not knowing it is your last flight. There are rules and there are laws: The rules are made by men who think that they know how to fly your airplane better than you. The laws (of physics) were ordained by God. You can and sometimes should suspend the rules, but you can never suspend the laws. About Rules: a. The rules are a good place to hide if you don't have a better idea and the talent to execute it. b. If you deviate from a rule, it must be a flawless performance (e.g., if you fly under a bridge, don't hit the bridge.) Before each flight, make sure that your bladder is empty and your fuel tanks are full. He who demands everything that his aircraft can give him is a pilot; he who demands one iota more is a fool. There are certain aircraft sounds that can only be heard at night and over the ocean. Most of them are scary. The aircraft limits are only there in case there is another flight by that particular aircraft. If subsequent flights do not appear likely, there are no limits. In the Alaskan bush I'd rather have a two-hour bladder and three hours of gas than vice versa. An old pilot is one who can remember when flying was dangerous and sex was safe. Airlines have really changed; now a flight attendant can get a pilot pregnant. I've flown in both pilot seats. Can someone tell me why the other seat is always occupied by an idiot? And my favorite; You have to make up your mind about growing up and becoming a pilot, because you can't do both.
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    I’m always amused how turbulence is blamed for injuries when in reality not wearing a seatbelt is really the culprit. In another article on this incident I read that most of the injured were in “first class” and I wonder how many people buckle up when fully reclined.
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    How did they find a Japanese hotel room with enough extra space to add a simulator?
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    Wasn’t on this airplane long but what a great machine......Nordair had them configured for long range ice patrol .. 8-10 hours was no problem...with fuselage tanks installed, we carried around 65000 lbs of gas!!!!!! Alternates were never a problem. We could go anywhere. Yes, we flew in the Arctic but with this airplane, it wasn’t exactly bush flying. And with those props, stopping wasn’t an issue either. I remember landing on a dicey runway once and tower asked “How was the braking??” . As we were parking, the captain smiled and said “I’ll tell him when I use ‘em!!”. (Didn’t want to hijack the dash thread so I started this one...maybe we could start a thread for neat aircraft).
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    it was just over 1% of their flights over 2 days. DEFINITELY NOT "MOST"
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    Oh, did they order pizza? My mistake, it wasn't reported in the story... Facts? Weather is certainly a fact. Time on aircraft, and being restricted from getting off is reported in the story. Is it fake news? No air conditioning, again reported in the story by eye witnesses, and evidenced by heat stroke in an FA taken to hospital. Was that fake news too? As you say, APUs are pretty effective at cooling the cabin, so didn't sound like they turned it on, was it broken? Maybe... but if that's the case why are you leaving 100 or 150 people on your aircraft for hours during a heat wave? My comment stands... What's the Captain doing here? People should no be restricted to remaining on a hot aircraft for that length of time. It's our responsibility to hold boarding, or deplane the aircraft when it subjects passengers to dangerous conditions like this. Is that chucking **bleep**?
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    I see you folks are still at it; I just tuned in for a quick visit. Caliburn is a logistic service provider under contract to the US government and DOD, they have provided logistic support in other venues as well, Afghanistan comes to mind. Frankly, I know nothing about the logistics involved at the southern border frontier and I suspect that is also true of most others. But consider what’s involved here and the cost of making “big things work”: who owns the pre-fab buildings and BATS, who transported them to the site and set them up; it be hot outside and 24/7 air conditioning is required, who owns and maintains the A/C; they draw a lot of power, who owns and maintains that fleet of tractor trailer sized generators on site; who provides the cook tent, the equipment, the food, the cooks, the cleaning staff and the army of technicians required to keep it all running; who will be dismantling all of it when the operation is over; and who will do the cleanup work and pay for the storage while awaiting the next call for logistic support. In short, if you want to maintain portable, functioning facilities in isolated, desert environments, it comes at a cost. Not convinced? Cool, try out that hotel thing whilst keeping detainees in close custody then…. let me know how it works out for ya. And here’s a few fun facts for those screaming Trump and racist in the same breath. The Obama administration deported about 385,000 illegals a year. It was a high of 410,000 and a low of 282,000. The Trump administration deported 226,000 in 2017 and 250,000 in 2018. Perspective is everything, I don’t pretend to know what’s actually going on at the border frontier and I don’t even know if the numbers presented (above from the internet) are true and accurate. It doesn’t even matter…. I know that partisan views in support of political narratives mean that useful debate is impossible and meaningless. I also know that the lack of reasonable debate prevents good outcomes and the lack of good outcomes hurts vulnerable people. Using vulnerable people as political pawns in support of political agendas is even worse, it stands as my personal definition of racism and cowardice. If these are concentration camps, it qualifies as a crime against humanity and Congress is culpable in it big time by withholding funds. If Canadian politicians have confessed to past and ongoing genocide they should be arrested and tried for the same crime. Genocide is not just a crime, it is the “crime of crimes.” How is it then, that when faced with situations like Rwanda and the plight of the Rohingya people these same people fall silent and fail (utterly, completely and miserably) to act? Remember when Al Gore and his SS detail where subjected to enhanced airport screening and it was all over the news? I’m willing to bet my life that a Vice President and his CPP detail are not a danger to the safety of the aircraft and pax. In similar fashion, and for all his faults, I’m willing to bet Andrew Scheer is not a white supremacist; theres that perspective again. How did people who sell themselves as tolerant lose all sense of civility? Are we collectively better off now that people (dare I say like me) no longer even bother to discuss these issues out of a sense of futility? You might think there is no political centre anymore but it will be there on election day, not to vote for what it wants, not to support the values it holds dear, but only to hold its nose and prevent lunacy from winning. I have largely withdrawn from social media of all types so my visits here will, at best, be sporadic…. so fire away, I won’t be responding. When pollsters call my house I now give them the exact opposite of what I know (or believe) to be true and I bet I sound like a raving liberal fresh out of university; I’ll be there on election day too, I wonder if the polls will get it all right this time…. I bet they don’t.
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    I think that the notion of a "hero" is a characterisation which both men avoid - Sully has observed that he and his crew "did their job". Sully has used his fame for two things - to draw attention to aviation matters which really do require the attention of a distracted government and public, (read his presentation to the Subcommittee on Aviation Operations, Safety, and Security of the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation) in April 2015), and to supplement his ~$45k/year pension when US Airways terminated their pilots' pension plan in March 2003, (through a process that is illegal in Canada but commonly used to "restructure" a business in the U.S.). We see him again using his name & fame to advance aviation safety and not pulling punches with regard to Boeing and their MAX. Sully, (and Pearson) are true heroes in the mythological sense - they have "been to places" which very few go to and have returned "alive and victorious" to "tell the story which becomes cultural legend", (Joseph Campbell, The Hero's Journey, The Power of Myth). I think Sully believes that, (perhaps at one time, maybe not now...?), that any airline pilot could have/would have, within a narrow band of individual performance, done the same thing with the same outcome.
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    Didn't you have Alcock as an instructor at some point or other Kip?
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    I don’t think anyone is against immigration if it’s done legally. That being said, I believe immigration entirely from one place in the world strictly for political purposes will only harm the country in the long run.
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    I gather that MD2 has left Porter and got hired on at Westjet?
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    Well my post makes it #15 so perhaps we should get back to the "topic" of this thread...
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    Our band was becoming popular back when the earth was cooling.....we sent a tape to Decca Records in NY....tape .returned with a comment that stated "seeing you are not members of the American Musicians Union, we have not listened to your tape...good luck" So we sent the tape to Liberty Records in California.... We got a reply back that they would like our band to come to California and hear us play. They would give us free studio time but ALL other expenses were up to us.... None of us had much money so expenses were going to be the big issue but...........that telegram arrived about a week before we all graduated from High School and we .had all made plans to go in other directions seeing we did not expect to hear from Liberty. The band split except the lead singer and he ventured into the US and started a group called "Steve and the Windmen"....which fizzled out after about a year. Steve pressed on and at our 50 year High School Grad Reunion we found out that Steve had ended up as a musical cast member in a kids TV show. I carried that "Liberty Records" telegram around until it turned into confetti about 5 years later..... And yeh, I was the drummer...thanks for all the above posted "accolades".....
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    A teenager gets a bass guitar and a month of lessons for his birthday After he comes home from his first lesson, his mother asks: “What did you learn in your first lesson?” “I learned all the notes on the E string!” The next week he comes home and mom asks: “What did you learn this week?” “I learned all the notes on the A string!”> After the third week the son returns home rather late and his mother asks again: “What did you learn this week?” “I couldn’t make it, I had a gig”
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    There is all the flooding going on in Ontario and Quebec, 2000 members of the military called out, mayors and politicians screaming for volunteers to come and help sandbag. We have thousands of asylum seekers being housed, clothed and fed at our expense, why aren't they being "volunteered" to help? Don't need language skills or any other skill set, just pick up a shovel.
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    ...since I posted this on AEF. I hope you will indulge me and accept the fact that as we move through life, there are things we can do to ensure our health remains as one of our priority's, not only for oneself but also for the sake of one's family and friends..... June 2011 I had plans to make this entry an intriguing and exciting post …but common sense prevailed so here it is…………. in simple plain language…….. When I was 16 I had my appendix out…so long ago, who can remember? In my early 50’s I had laproscoptomy surgery to remove my gallbladder, a large stone was discovered during a chest X-Ray and it was thought that seeing I was a pilot, it should be removed. It was removed on a Friday, I went home on Sunday, was working my snow blower on Monday and back flying on Tuesday.(Airline MO was not happy about that sequence when he found out about it 4 months later during my semi annual medical) So here we are in 2011 The month of May was what I would call rather “blaaaaah”. I was not feeling that great, seemed tired every few days. This was the month when I prepped the boat for our summer…seemed possible I was just getting a bit older…yeah that had to be it. Finally Scuba02 hounded me so much that at the end of May I went to see our GP…..Full blood test required….result …extremely low severe anemia…loosing blood somewhere…..WHAT !!!!!??? GP said I would need to be scoped from top to bottom ASAP in the mean time Iron pills… pronto. Scoped top to bottom on 26 June…result, as I awoke from what is called “twilight anesthesia” was The doctor by the bed , shoulder to shoulder with Scuba 02 and his first words were” You have cancer in your colon and it has to come out “ What?, Who is he talking to?, I twisted my head to see if there was someone beside me , no one there……....I looked back and saw Scuba02’s eyes filling and I knew I was the intended recipient of his comments. Long story short, because someone I didn’t personally know, but knew me, I was hustled through the red tape, underwent all the required protocol and was in surgery in a minimum amount of time. Prior to surgery I had 3 major concerns….. 1) had the cancer spread outside the colon ? 2) would I require a colostomy bag attachment? 3) how successful would the operation be ? Scuba02 and I devised a signal that would be relayed to me when I was wheeled out of recovery that would indicate that ALL was well because if any of you have had surgery you know damned well that when you open your eyes you can talk but initially you will be damned if you can remember what you said or heard…visual clues , however do remain with one's mind. I remember being wheeled out and seeing Scuba02 by the bed with her forefinger on her thumb….the perfect circle……..the international scuba signal that everything was OK !!!!! Relief.!!!! So here I sit, after 5 days in hospital with about 34 staples in a line from below my breastbone to just below the naval and the next item is to have them removed in 7 days. What is you point Kip………? Very simple…….don’t fool yourself into thinking “it will never happen to me”. As far as I know I have no history of cancer in my family..(I never have known who my birth father is…...I was adopted) so once again I became a “first” in our family, but not an envious “first” in this case. When to have that first colonoscopy ?? That is a real dilemma but “generally it is accepted that starting at age 50 one should endure the procedure every 10 years. Family member with cancer….then every 3 or 5 years. Cancer is insidious and there is no data that indicates a fixed progression of growth. The colonscopy procedure.. For a fact it is less painful that having a small filling of a tooth NO, it is not the Canada Arm being rammed up your rectum by a team of high kicking draw mules. In a nutshell…one takes a oral laxative the day before, and the next day one gets a little IV drip, and one gets a “twi-light/light switch type” anesthetic,, ( some Doctors make the anesthetic optional...my proctologist asked if I wanted to watch the procedure on the monitor........I told him , "No......, perhaps I'll pick up the DVD at a later date"), 10 minutes later one wakes up, hears the verdict and gets a lift home….(no driving for 24 hours). PS……..If for some reason your doctor does not want to use an anesthetic, you have the right to request an anesthesiologist to attend…...I know I would have. The end…. If this post causes just one individual to reconsider their thinking about the colonoscopy procedure, it will have been worth the use of all this band width. If you have any questions about my entire episode please feel free to PM me And lastly, if you are as lucky to have a woman as steadfast and true as my Scuba02, no matter what happens…you will make it. ADDED today....2019.... I hounded my three kids so much that they each finally had a colonoscopy just to get me to shut up...but I do know they were relieved to know they checked out as negative...... and they will be called back in 5 years.
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    Fear is a great short-term motivator, but long-term it creates resentment, dissension, and complacency.
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    Further to the above, when you engage in patently false claims to support a false narrative even your supporters are inclined to see through it because the lie needs to be expanded every time it's challenged. Not only that, you need to either ignore or downplay actual events that clearly run contrary to the stated position and at some point, as was the case in the gun control debate, your over played hand is on full display. Since most people don't get to see this stuff first hand, a little research is required. Have a look at the persecution of Christians (across the board) and tell me why it is so grossly under reported and ignored. Initial reports from Sri Lanka all referred to the victims as "worshippers" until they were called on it. They couldn't even say the word Christian. Yes, people actually noticed that. In the meantime though, here is an example of the dangers inherent with false claims to support false narratives, you never know when that traitorous Easter Bunny will see through your position and start the next question with "wait a minute now": When the Easter Bunny doesn't believe you it's a potential problem, especially in an election year. https://torontosun.com/opinion/columnists/lilley-trudeau-plays-politics-on-terrorism-again
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    It's statements like that which cause reasonable people's eyes to glaze over. Do you really think anyone believes that any Conservative government anywhere is actually dedicated to making the population dumber or that it deliberately manipulates the eduction system to achieve that end? If the road is in poor condition in my riding (Liberal BTW) am I then to conclude that Liberals want more accidents and fatalities on the highway? No one really believes that sheer is a white suprematist regardless of how many times JT screams it. They don't believe he is a Nazi either and making those statements only minimizes the evil effects those ideologies have perpetrated and insults the intelligence of reasonable people. Moving forward, Liberals and Democrats had better start thinking about how reasonable people view their antics.... time is short. As a former Liberal, I see it as over the top, self destructive and thus, bordering on idiotic. At a minimum, it is a huge insult and disservice to anyone who has ever been victimized by white suprematist or Nazi atrocities. Minimizing these things in a flippant manner for obvious and craven political ends will serve them poorly in the long run IMO. Where have reasonable, moderate, compassionate Liberals gone? Find me one and I'll vote for it. If the only reason your cabinet is 50% women is because it's 2015 then STOP. If the best people available are all women and 100% of the cabinet are women as a result, you will get no argument from me.
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    This is what I've been trying to say. This statement is right out of the Max and NG flight crew training manuals "Excessive air loads on the stabilizer may require effort by both pilots to correct the mis-trim. In extreme cases it may be necessary to aerodynamically relieve the air loads to allow manual trimming. Accelerate or decelerate towards the in-trim speed while attempting to trim manually." Several years ago on the NG there was a requirement to trim the stabilizer full nose down prior to deicing to ensure the fluid was drained. In order to accomplish this the electric trim was used to its limit - which is not full nose down - the cutout switches were then moved to cutout and the remaining trim travel was done manually. From that experience I can tell you that holding a mis-trimmed elevator control back while trying to lean forward and operate a very stubborn crank would be no easy task! It is possible they were not successful trimming manually and flipped the switches back on. According to what we've been reading opposite trim inputs with the thumb switches should revers the MCAS inputs. Perhaps they ran out of time? MCAS, or any other runaway trim condition needs an immediate response or the possibility exists of it becoming unrecoverable IMHO
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    A colleague and myself actually mused the other day of the idea of moving Sunwing passengers from a brand new, sophisticated, state of the art Boeing 737MAX to a bunch of clapped out B767 operators out of Miami all in the abundance of safety. In my humble opinion....
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    https://www.earthhour.org/country/canada Remember to turn on all your lights at 8:30 PM local time tonight!
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    Well done AC crew. Sounds like an appropriate use of a Mayday call to me. No BS, get the CFR rolling, get priority, land the plane.
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    Hi Vs, all valid points & questions. The AMM shows that there are indexing pins for the -400 installation and I have to believe that the same applies to all Boeings, as would the testing processes after installation. Interestingly, the test involves moving the vane to the -20 & 20 degree position to measure electrical output, so the I believe the max readings are +/-20deg and that's where JT610's left sensor was reading ...
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    If trimming with the pickle switches stops/helps/impedes the problem why all the focus on trying to find the appropriate checklist (Lionair) With proper training and experience I think most pilots would lean toward a stabilizer problem. No question that having multiple systems barking at you can muddy your focus, but you still have ground speed/power settings/artificial horizon, and in both of these incidents a visual horizon. There is a faulty system on the Boeing that needs a remedy, but the larger issue appears to be basic piloting ability. Systems do fail, we've all been grilled in the sim - fly the airplane first.
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    My neighbor, while stationed in Colorado Springs was a Spectre Gunship Commander (C-130) in Vietnam.....said he could put 50 rounds through your bathroom window from 10, 000 feet. He was a retired L/Col USAF and his hobby was repairing worn washers and dryers. He would have 6-8 machines on his driveway every day tearing them apart and rebuilding them. He took mine and gave me a pair of refurbished machines.......the next day he was over and asked if the next time I flew to Canada if I could bring him back a set of those screwdrivers that fit those damned square holed screws
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    Another lighter moment, taking a poke at a fave...
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    27 February – TS 108 YUL-ADZ Online check-in was no problem but the UL airport could use a clear and concise sign near the AT check-in area that states where PERSONS WHO HAVE UTILIZED ONLINE CHECK-IN NEED TO GO TO CHECK BAGGAGE. Two of the persons I talked to kept trying to get me to check back in at a kiosk even though I showed them I had already done an online check in. I finally found the correct area. A simple sign would certainly help The flight down was extremely enjoyable, great cabin crew who interacted with the pax in a very amiable way. Pre- departure PA from pilots was much too fast and hard to understand. Pre-landing PA merely stated an ETA, no temp or “out the window you can see” info. Was a very nice clear day, very light winds, and the main area of the small island is easily view-able when lined up for landing on the NE runway… 14 March –TS 109 ADZ –YUL Air Transat sends update text messages as the date your flight approaches. AT states that online check-in is available. It also states that two hard copies of your boarding pass should be printed out. I was fortunate that I knew the admin persons in the Dive Shop and managed to Air-Print from my IOS and get two hard copies. Checked in at the airport and it was quite obvious that there was absolutely no advantage to doing and online check-in because the airport staff do not have the technology that is available in other places. I handed in one of my boarding passes and Passport…….waited…..waited….and got back the normal thin cardboard boarding pass that was IDENTICAL to my printed out boarding pass. Again at the gate it was obvious that the technology was not yet in place as the agents could not read an IOS with the encrypted boarding pass installed…they wanted the newly issued paper pass. Once again, outstanding service from the cabin crew….appreciated by all Pre-departure PA from the cockpit was very informative and even advised the pax why we stopped taxiing and that we would have to wait for an aircraft to land prior to being able to move onto the runway. Pre-arrival PA was very good….only forgot to mention the local time and that there was a one hour time change between ADZ and YUL (Canada was now on DL Savings Time). THEY ARE STILL OUT THERE Below you will find a pic of lady waiting at the boarding gate for the flight from ADZ to YUL. There are always people who want to get on-board first and I don’t know why when pax are supposed to be boarded by assigned seat rows….(perhaps they want to get the choice of overhead bins ), anyhow…as I sat there I noticed her bag had a “Carry On Baggage” tag. After thinking about it…I finally went up to the lady and explained that the bag was much too big for Carry-On baggage..(I estimated 3 feet x 2 feet x 1 foot). She was adamant that the bag was going on as Carry On baggage.. I certainly wasn’t going to argue with her, I merely pointed out that it probably wouldn’t be allowed and I wished her luck. Well we started boarding and she was about number 5 through the gate and I was about number 15-20. Shortly after we started down the ramp to the tarmac..(air-stairs boarding), the line halted then moved again slowly past the Francophone lady shouting at the Avianca agent about her bag going up the air-stairs to the cabin. (Broken English with a touch of French and Spanish) As I looked back I saw the agent dragging her bag to the starboard side of the aircraft and heading for the belt that went into the aft cargo hold….. I guess some people just don’t get it.
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    1700 AAE would not be low for an acceleration/flap retraction altitude. The minimum altitude can be as low as 400' but I am not aware of anyone who does that. Normally the primary restriction driving that acceleration altitude is terrain clearance and minimum all engines obstacle clearance planes. Most of the time, on all engines, a twin will handily outclimb that gradient once the gear is up, but the acceleration to get the flaps up, especially from a high hot airport, can involve an extended and relatively flat flight path which may punch through that gradient. So basically the aircraft has to climb high enough, early enough, to buy room for that acceleration phase. Vs
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    Hopefully the FAA & TC, (and that should include the NTSB and the TSB), know something if this is a consideration? A ban, if any, should be based upon data from the Ethiopian accident, period. If there is nothing new to say regarding the Ethiopian accident and the reasons are understood, then a grounding is unnecessary.
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    I’ve got a pain in my ass.....will he apologize for that?
  44. 3 points
    Kind of an odd set of questions but if you’ve read any of the details on her case starting with the alleged event in 2010, you would know she has been fighting for her day in court for quite some time. Westjet and their legal team have wanted this to go away but she hasn’t given up. As the father and husband of women who have both been sexually harassed in the workplace, yes I do have an interest in the outcome of Lewis’s story. My wife was an assistant buyer with company headquartered in Toronto and it was her first job after university. Immediately after the incident she walked into the HR office and resigned. They quickly scrambled and moved her to a different department. The person involved was never questioned about any of it and nothing was ever done. In my daughter’s case she just quit. Hard to fight/stay when it was the owner of the company. Also her first job out of university and she had no choice but to leave. I hope ILB that nothing like Lewis’s case ever happens to anyone you know or care about. It can be devastating and totally destroy you.
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    If I may........so poignant and relevant Listen to the words................(music at 0+22) This is the song that should have got the Grammy ...IMO
  46. 3 points
    AC is a big sponsor of Pride. While I don't imagine they will waiver in their support, I don't think they will be happy with a Qatari-proxy-upstart competitor jumping in with them... Further, I am disappointed in Pride accepting sponsorship from a company that is backed by a nation where homosexuality is illegal. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/LGBT_rights_in_Qatar I mean they won't let Toronto Police participate, but Middle Eastern dollars? No problemo. Hypocrites.
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    It is a Q-400 the airline is Flybe......just wondering about the windshield wipers.... More realistic now.............((.sunny with intermittent rain showers))
  48. 3 points
    From an outdoorsman point of view.....not the best name for an airline.
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    My outfit had an office the the Field hangar. Never saw soooo many rivet heads in my life as on that airplane. Our G1 showed some metal being made in the oil. I called RR in YUL to ask if we had a serious problem. A Scotsman asked me "Does it have a part number on it?" I asked back "Does what have a part number?" He said "The metal in the oil". I said, confused, "No". He said "@#*$ing call me back when it does" and hung up on me. Gotta love the Darts.
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    A week before my daughter got married, she sent me a T-Shirt. This is a screen shot of what it said when it was new.....It's kind of worn and ratty now but I'm not getting rid of it.