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    The only Rock I see here is the heads of the people that think a single news source provides anything but biased reporting. most of the american news outlets are owned by a single company with a pretty severe bent to the right. Others take a more severe bent to the left with very few siting in the center. there are charts but you know how to google so I will leave that to you. Trust FOX = NOPE Trust CNN = NOPE Those are the two largest which oddly are not "NEWS" stations but "Entertainment" stations. Every one...EVERYONE has the right to their opinion and the right to lean to whatever side of the political spectrum they choose neither one is more correct that the other just that you will agree with the ones leaning the same way as you. I personally sit very much in the middle. I agree with policies on both sides of the spectrum but I can recognize BS when it pops up.
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    Great Rant from some guy from Alberta.... I'm Mike, I'm from Camrose
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    Wolfhunter: You by chance running in any of the 3 by-elections announced today? I'd move to the riding to give you my vote if you were! Unbelievably well stated posts, thanks!
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    Making America Late Again? (I know, I know....) Vs
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    Times are a changing. Once upon a time a single goat sacrifice did the trick. Oh the good old days.
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    This law will meet its fate in the future when it is challenged in court. How many of you drive home from work get changed, grab a beer and flip on the TV and put your feet up? Answer the door with a beer in your hand and the cop can do nothing. They can make life miserable and make you fight a charge but it will never stick. It will waste taxpayer money and courts time when they could be clearing backlogs of more important cases.
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    Absolutely. But there are always hiccups, thus delays, so I suspect there will be 2 ships involved at first. We shall see.
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    based on that picture alone. Who should be paying a carbon tax? Certainly not Canadians
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    Sorry to make your day - it’s a really ugly livery on a massively expensive airplane with far more capabilities than required. See the next 4 AC A330’s.
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    What? Nobody to buy a pizza? Seriously though... That's what travel insurance and self sufficiency is for... Go book a room! Feed your children! Take a taxi! Oooooh... fending for yourself in this world... The horror. If you can afford a week or two vacation for your family you can pay a couple hundred bucks for a last minute hotel booking for the night to look after your family and then sort it out with the airline or the insurance when you get home... Those people will absolutely fly Westjet again if they are the cheapest option by 2$...
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    Re Prostate Cancer, it all depends on your Gleason Score, mine was high and I was operated on within 2 weeks of the results of the report. https://www.cancer.org/treatment/understanding-your-diagnosis/tests/understanding-your-pathology-report/prostate-pathology/prostate-cancer-pathology.html
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    we have been adding 250,000 on average per year for the last 50 years
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    The first step in all of this (which has yet to happen) is acknowledging that intake is a function of national policy and belongs to the citizens…. I have long advocated (on this forum) for caution, and by that I mean being mindful of long range national demographic projections and avoiding demographic concentrations that tend to isolate or ghettoize population segments. I think the reasons are obvious so I won’t belabour them. If they are not obvious think Toronto. If you are going to ignore all that, then open up your wallet and be willing to pay heavy for integration. You might consider all this to be moot at this point but it’s not too late for new years resolutions and doing things right in the future. The next step is integration because it follows immediately on the heels of deciding to flirt with your national carrying capacity. This needs to be a conscious decision and not one to be undertaken lightly. Those still screaming racist at this point will not want to pay their future bills so be ready to say no or tell them the cost flat out and then make em pay. Keep in mind this is hugely expensive and covers a lot of cultural ground…. it has been done poorly to date IMO and it needs to change because it makes many of the issues circular. Here’s an example of what I mean: many single mothers from the Horn of Africa have low status in their own country (below that of their sons). As a result, they find it difficult to maintain control of their teenage sons who are ripe pickings for street gangs and radicalization within the demographic concentration we allowed to fester in poverty and unemployment. I guess I could go on at length but I now see that this could get long winded, to take stock of the primary issues, I see massive intake (sufficient to affect longterm national demographics), localizing (or ghettoizing) that population, poverty, unemployment, lack of language training and lack of job training as the immediate threat. There are lots of other things at play here but that’s the flavour of a few cross cultural things to be avoided. This avoidance COMES AT GREAT COST and that seems to be lost on the very people who thought it was a great idea in the first place. In short, if you want to take in mass migrants you pay to play.... that's the first thing. After that: 1.Get an immediate handle on the numbers game and don’t exceed your capacity to integrate. Institute an immediate ban on sanctuary cities and start enforcing federal law 2.Avoid ghettoizing. Your acceptance in the country is contingent on living where we tell you… take it or leave it. 3.Open your wallet and pay for correcting all of those things in the third paragraph and do it with a smile. You wanted it now pay for it. Thats the language, job training etc. start that now. If you are not prepared to do that you will fail 4. Enhance intake screening procedures, Europe did this poorly. Don’t expect people to leave old grudges behind them, you likely wouldn’t either 5. Beef up all of your security and monitoring agencies big time, pay with a smile because you need it 6. Establish joint intelligence, information, and monitoring systems with allies. This is huge and remains a problem in Europe. Open your wallet and get er done. 7. Avoid knee jerk reactions like mandatory “correct thinking” classes, this is liberal values at their worst.... you will make a bad situation worse. Try this in Canada; mandatory religious training for all children @ 10 hrs per week and see how it works for you. In short don’t make things worse 8. Accept the fact that migrants came to your country for a better way of life. Accept the fact that your government welcomed them. Accept the fact that they need massive amounts of assistance (that’s money) to get there, resolve to give it to them or prepare to pay in other ways, or get a new government 9. Start helping refugees where they live in an effort to curtail (at least some) of the flow. 10. Spend the money to fix our refugee claims backlog and do it now (right now...like today). You should know your status within days, not multiples of years 11. Get a grip on the "safe third country agreement" and choke it. The current situation is both ridiculous and unsustainable.... it would stop WIE DEFCON - I will be quite busy for the next 10 days or so and mostly away…. that’s the best I can do on short notice. Cheers
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    Much like every time that the U.S. pulls out of any conflict, the arms dealers complain because it cuts into their profit. No ROI in peace.