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    Whichever one causes you to continue with your very amusing rants.
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    Making America Late Again? (I know, I know....) Vs
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    Your anti Trump obsession is almost psychopathic in scale & scope Deicer. It's clear that you aren't a capitalist, a conservative, a supporter of Western culture, or even a modern liberal. So if you don't mind, I'd appreciate your taking a moment to answer a question. What form of political ideology would you prefer to see emerge from the ashes of Western culture?
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    As it sits now, to avoid police harassment, One has to scout out the area before unloading at the beer store. or you go home 100% sober, sit down, turn on the TV and have a beer and for some reason they come knocking demanding a breathalyzer test..IN YOUR HOME Whats your reaction ? “ This isn’t about the carnage on the roads, it’s about civil liberties,” “How far do we want to go that we up our rights to privacy to ensure some protection against a danger?”
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    Great stuff If I'm understanding properly, we appear to be in full agreement; our nation has made a mess of things and must take responsibility for its child like approach to helping others. It would seem that any disagreement between perspectives boils down to matters of immigration / migration policy and related taxation. History tells me that no amount of money will ever bring people holding extreme religious and cultural differences together into one homogeneous group. If Canada is going to save itself from itself the process must imo begin with a national acknowledgment that some ideals, as enchanting as they may be, just aren't achievable in the present time. It's only one opinion that doesn't matter, but if it did, Canada would be returning the religiously and economically disenfranchised to their homelands and investing in charity there.
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    The famous - expand because peak periods we are busy. Meanwhile the place is empty 23 hours a day. Typical Airport Authority nonsense. Airlines should be charged based on time-of-day demand.
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    I should had also given the sympathetic part of my post. I’ll keep it easy, WestJet screwed up.
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    I don’t see anything the Liberal government has done as being out of character or surprising in any way. In fact, they have been pretty predictable. To his credit, JT has stayed the course on things like immigration and particularly “irregular border crossings.” Less principled politicians would have caved months ago. Those who now profess shock, horror and dismay were either not paying attention to the campaign or, in typical liberal fashion, thought someone else would be paying for their convictions and values. Those who once screamed “RASIST” have, in my simple world, proven themselves hypocrites by any measure of the word. The immigration situation is telling here, those who screamed “make the rich pay” have discovered that they are now deemed to be wealthy… and they don’t like it. Some are even rethinking the sanctuary city thing... a true indication of hypocrisy IMO.
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    One thing many airline people forget is not all passengers are veterans of air travel or wealthy so you might want to find some sympathy for the less frequent flyers who help with your paycheque. For a 10am departure most people would probably leave their resorts and hotels four hours prior. So after a long day sitting in the Cancun airport it’s not surprising to have a tired group not dealing well with the delay plan.
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    Hawaii was nowhere near as ambitious or as risky. The 787 endeavor requires a lot more than just ETOPS and 130 people who want to go to Maui. WestJet has to execute flawlessly and the stars have to align perfectly where the economy, alliances and slots at international destinations are concerned for the 787 to be a success. If WestJet announced instead that they were buying more 767-300ER or 777-200s or A330s I wouldn't have any real concerns about their further international expansion, but WestJet appears to be embarking on this in just about the most expensive way possible.
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    I heard the crews did a great job during a bad day at work, 3 attempts to depart with anti skid inop, gate returns and maintenance. Ultimate cancellation. Those days just don’t get better. When I’m a passenger and things like this happen, I hit Hotwire and grab a room, run for a cab. The waiting in lines is killer. Go, get some rest have something to eat, then call the airline when the dust settles. Submit your receipts when you get home. checklist complete.
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    What? Nobody to buy a pizza? Seriously though... That's what travel insurance and self sufficiency is for... Go book a room! Feed your children! Take a taxi! Oooooh... fending for yourself in this world... The horror. If you can afford a week or two vacation for your family you can pay a couple hundred bucks for a last minute hotel booking for the night to look after your family and then sort it out with the airline or the insurance when you get home... Those people will absolutely fly Westjet again if they are the cheapest option by 2$...