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    What? Nobody to buy a pizza? Seriously though... That's what travel insurance and self sufficiency is for... Go book a room! Feed your children! Take a taxi! Oooooh... fending for yourself in this world... The horror. If you can afford a week or two vacation for your family you can pay a couple hundred bucks for a last minute hotel booking for the night to look after your family and then sort it out with the airline or the insurance when you get home... Those people will absolutely fly Westjet again if they are the cheapest option by 2$...
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    Well stated. Everyone that commented here is a veteran travel, even more seasoned after years of standby. Many, many people rarely ever travel and even more don’t ever leave the country. It’s still a dropped ball by WJ as a customer service failure. Hotel had no idea they were coming despite being bussed there. The customer even acknowledged that airplanes break and understood that. This guy’s not a complete idiot and has valid points.
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    Former PM Stephen Harper (who was dressed in a dark suit) has friendly meeting with the Indian prime minister Harper’s pop-in seemed to have much less drama than a certain visit by the current Prime Minister Indian prime minister Narendra Modi meeting with former Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper on Tuesday, January 8, 2019.Prime Minister's Office, India In India for an international summit, former Canadian leader Stephen Harper dropped in on Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday for a visit. Harper gave Modi a copy of his new book, the two strolled around some ceremonial gardens and then discussed “co-operation among democracies,” according to the office of the Indian prime minister. The warm visit between the two comes only 10 months after a disastrous India visit by the sitting Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau.Over nine days, Trudeau received widespread mockery for repeatedly being photographed in formal Indian dress. He was unable to meet Modi until well into the visit and his team accidentally invited a convicted terrorist to a Canadian diplomatic event, fuelling Indian accusations that Canada remains a hotbed of Sikh separatist terrorism. In the wake of the visit, Public Safety Canada began listing “Sikh extremism” as a Canadian terrorist threat, spawning accusations even from within Trudeau’s own cabinet that the measure was a capitulation to overblown Indian government fears. Harper was in India to attend the Raisina Dialogue, an annual geopolitical summit sponsored by the Indian minister of external affairs. With Modi a more conservative Indian leader, he was more drawn to Harper while the latter was still Canadian prime minister. In 2015, Harper hosted Modi as the first sitting Indian prime minister to visit Canada in more than 40 years, signalling an end to decades of frosty Indo-Canadian relations that began in the 1970s after New Delhi clandestinely used Canadian technology to build a nuclear bomb. In a Twitter message after their Tuesday meeting, Harper called Modi “the most significant leader of India since Independence.” Harper appears to have made all his recent Indian appearances in the same dark Western-style suit, although he occasionally swapped out a red tie for a blue one.
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    One thing many airline people forget is not all passengers are veterans of air travel or wealthy so you might want to find some sympathy for the less frequent flyers who help with your paycheque. For a 10am departure most people would probably leave their resorts and hotels four hours prior. So after a long day sitting in the Cancun airport it’s not surprising to have a tired group not dealing well with the delay plan.
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    Unsurprisingly "internet" agreed with you. That being said, I have some concerns but the same whinging went on when WJ started Hawai'i and that turned out okay. Yes, the 787 is expensive but I like the feed system and I also like that WJ has always been very willing to change if something doesn't work. I like this.
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    I’m pressed for time here but I perceive a recurring theme and it's open your wallet. BTW, the Danes aren't overreaching, they are underreaching by leaps and bounds and don't want to pay the bill: I think you are looking for simple, cheap and easy fixes, those days are now over and are not coming back... we (you, us) all need to accept it and we haven't yet... big problem. In 50 years time the population of Germany may be predominantly Muslim. Thinking otherwise is exactly (and in reverse) the same faulty logic that created this situation in the first place. Some on this very forum have suggested they wouldn't want to live in a country that didn't welcome mass immigration.... so I offer the same question now as I did then, are you willing to pay for it? Will mandatory correct thinking classes solve the problem or create more animosity? If you see it as a solution I disagree because it’s likely to cause more alienation than less. I offered a analogous proposition above, how about mandatory religious training for all Canadian children in like amount? No need to explore that idea further eh? Likely unacceptable to all including people of faith. Just imagine the logistics, costs, venues, teachers, number of students.... Now, asking me for solutions after you (not you, we, us, together) have blown the back doors off the carrying capacity and done the exact opposite of virtually everything that common sense and my post above demands, puts me in the position of sage, wiseman or prophet. Now that the house is on fire and the roof is collapsing you are ready to discuss fire detection, integral suppression, building codes, escape plans, water availability and fire detachment response times. Prior to that, you covered your ears and sang LA LA LA LA lA in my face. I have a question too, what did you think was going to happen? Now, increase taxes as required to pay for all of this and and keep in mind you wanted it and now you got it. While you are looking for a second job to pay for it all consider: 1. Do no further harm…. liberal knee jerk reactions will be flowing like water soon enough and they will be seeking cheap, easy quick solutions like adding pork dishes to all menus in all restaurants (and I’m not making that up either)…. STOP IT. Take this to heart, there are no cheap solutions… none! The fire insurance on your house is cancelled due to owner negligence so start investing today, in addition to that part time job, start watching carpentry videos on Youtube. 2. Go back and read those points above and resolve to sin no more. Start thinking big; when I say enhance your security, monitoring, interoperability and intelligence sharing with allies, I’m talking big time. Take your definition of big time, quadruple it, add 10% and we might be on the same page. That is moving way too slow and I will settle for that if nothing else, start now. 3. Hire more (national) security forces and I mean lots more. Community policing just became more than words. Look at the Toronto Police Service hiring and attrition rates as an example of utter folly and what not to do. When I say big time, I mean big bloody large big time and right now, today…. get er done or fail. 4. After reviewing the applicability of suggested actions in the previous post (I say they are all applicable) suspend all pending citizenship processes and test them against those points. Take steps to undo the ghettoization you previously allowed to happen and make residence a condition of citizenship for a protracted period of time. Very expensive BTW, so start today 5. Liaise with ethnic community leaders, see what they need, reach a compromise and PAY FOR IT. 5. Criminal offences serve as grounds for immediate expulsion prior to citizenship. 6. Get those citizenship courts fully manned (another big time event). You can either stay or you are on the bus tomorrow, open your wallet again. ----- In addition to hiring more police (lots more) Toronto might consider: "introduce strict bail and parole measures, tough mandatory sentences for firearms offences and leave police do their jobs without suggesting they are racist when they clearly are not. Put some money into witnesses protection and offer lucrative payments for information needed to put killers away for a long time." Got to run….
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    I still have a very bad feeling about this endeavor, a lot of things have to line-up perfectly for the 787s to earn their keep.
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    Looks very nice. Lose the graphically challenged tail logo and it’s perfect.
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    I have been saying this since the whole carbon tax thing started. Canada is a Net Negative carbon producing country. Why should we pay for the carbon positive countries? Let us keep the money and put it into the economy.