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    Some truth there for sure. I was never a big fan of GS and I do like what I'm hearing from Ed Sims. He seems to acknowledge a lot of the issues that seem to have been ignored. I hope the pilots and company are somewhat unhappy with their contract and then I'll know it's a fair one. I'm more optimistic about WJ than I have been in a while!
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    Deicer I think the evidence is clear; the global climate is changing, just as it has since the planet's beginning. Even though man is certainly influential in the process, he doesn't seem willing to behave 'responsibly', or take decisive steps to reign in rapidly increasing third world populations? Instead, some governments remain bent on pursuing laughable enviro-friendly taxation schemes, which is no less silly an approach than using Trump as a scratching post.
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    Take your pick....Oct 21 2019
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    It "works well" in the same way that kidnapping works well - if you're the one holding the gun instead of the one gagged and taped to a chair.
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