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    Not agreeing at all Deicer, just stating that the Libs refer to pipelines built under Harper. But since you doubted that Harper had any approved: https://business.financialpost.com/opinion/kevin-libin-beware-of-fake-news-reporting-that-liberals-are-better-than-tories-on-pipelines From the heady days of 2016.
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    I'm hoping it's only an uproar within the ranks of crazy Liberals. All of them should get to experience the wages of their own stupidity like grandma did in this storey: https://www.foxnews.com/us/court-rules-grandma-booked-into-miami-jail-as-a-man-can-proceed-with-lawsuit I wish they would come up with something practical that I could support on its merits... like maybe snow is racist and should be banned in Canada. And, those who experience accidental exposure to snow should be compensated for the trauma they have to endure. Ski hill operators, who actually make and distribute this racist product should face immediate sanction and those funds could be used to support counselling for those of us accidentally exposed. Looking at the long range forecast we have about a week to get er done. An apology for Canada's previous apathy toward those of us effected by this might be in order too.
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    Can you girls stick to the topic please? (Shakes fist at the sky...)
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    From the article: And yes we are getting to semantics, but the often used line by the Libs is that “Harper didn’t get any pipelines built” .... not approved. Also, if you want to split hairs is the lib job creation boast (up until now) just a product of the financial conditions put in place by the conservatives, and the liberals are there to take the credit?? There is always a lag factor, so when the Cons win the next election, they will have to introduce austerity measures to clean up the mess the Libs created....you know, the product of having a government that thinks the budget will balance itself .
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    Agree or not with his politics, the man treated the office with respect. An example that’s sorely needed today. R.I.P. Mr. President
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    I was offered to take the aircraft to position once in 8 years as FO on the 67. Having said that....as a captain, I take pride in taxing the a/c as to give the smoothest ride possible...min thrust,slowing the a/c over known rough taxiways, min braking, arriving at gate without the lurch etc. So I do agree with the sops. (My personal call is to let the FO steer the a/c on to the taxiway, allowing for a gradual transition. It used to annoy me, when after a smooth touchdown, the ca. would yell “I got it” at 80 knots and jam on the brakes, full reverse to make the first taxiway). Also, if there ever was a ground incident, it solves the problem of responsibility.
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