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    PS I especially like the last article. You're always flapping away about the evil rich guys and the corporatocracy that serves their exclusive interests, but then you do an abrupt 180 and present the 'opinion' of their representative organization as if it's a decree from above that favours your position? Like your political allies, you are one confused little bunny Deicer.
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    In “a” base fare. So nothing preventing a swoop from posting a Y fare of $3,900 from YEG to YXX one bag included and ending the complaint.
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    In the Second World War, you had, you know, a war. The Germans had the Luftwaffe, and they bombed, you know, countries. And the Japanese had an air force - both land based and carrier based - and they bombed, you know, Pearl Harbor and countries. So the clear purpose in having an air force. What exactly, is the clear purpose of having a Space Force? Is there an area in the control or exploration of space where the US doesn't have a huge advantage over any potential adversary? Do the Chinese even have a space shuttle that could scoop up enemy satellites? My experience with military spending suggests a Space Force at this stage of human development is just a Gargantuan waste of money. Just another needly bureaucracy, more bread and circuses to distract the lowest common denominator of US society from their misery.