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    Yup. Overdressed/overpaid bus drivers? Nope. Take a dangerous situation and make it look routine? The mark of a professional crew. Pilotless commercial aircraft? Never.
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    This may have been a catastrophic failure of an aircraft part but......it bears no resemblance to ditching a twin engine aircraft in the water with both engines failed...don't cha think?? This was merely a single engine landing that encompassed a very sad outcome as far as one passenger was concerned.
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    Fire, Severe damage and separation. Rapid decompression. Flight control problems. And injured passengers with sadly later a fatality. What a day! Move over Sulley.
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    Smug? Are you relating to your current live style? I started work at the princely (gross) sum of 200.00 per month. Never made over 50,000.00 a year. Still enjoying my non indexed pension. Smug no but I sure learned how to save so that I could enjoy retirement. Never could or indeed want to keep up with the Jones.