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    Naaahhh! This is the one! C Series VIP!
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    At least this company provides jobs to people who in turn pay taxes. Would you prefer the money keeps going north?
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    An all too common sentiment. As long as it prevails, you will be treated to the 90 percentile zone in one form or another until exhaustion. .. be it guns in Toronto, knives in In London or machetes in Rwanda. As a wise man once said, "We are too much accustomed to attribute to a single cause that which is the product of several, and the majority of our controversies come from that." .
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    Maybe if there is (ever) some real evidence. This will backfire big time if there isn't. After 85 pages it still isn't here and CNN has been reduced to a comedy show.
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    none of Trumps. But if it pays for jobs and in the future export markets..... Who Cares?
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    Justin ...when you meet the premiers on Sunday....remember “Sunny Ways, Sunny Ways” everything should be fine.
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    From a Western Canadian...... “ This morning as I was leaving the house, a piece on the news came up about the Stars Air Ambulance service and how they had helped as rapid responders in the Humboldt tragedy. For those not familiar, Stars is largely privately funded and as I caught a peek of an up close image of the chopper ambulance, I noticed the following corporate sponsors: Shell Canada Trans Canada Energy Enbridge Conoco Phillips Canadian Natural Resources ltd Crescent Point Energy Exxon Mobil along with many others.... Between 2016 & 2017 Stars has flown over 1500 air missions to people in medical distress in Alberta alone, not to mention their missions in Sask and Manitoba. For those who like to demonize the energy industry, consider how many deaths may have occurred if companies like the above decided not to support this service. You know who's corporate sponsorship is absent? David Suzuki Foundation Leadnow Tides Canada Greenpeace Canada Pembina Institute 350 etc... In fact none of these so called 'save the planet' organizations spend a dime to fill the gaps within our communities. As those holier than thou types look to drive Canada's energy industry into crippling positions, maybe they should ask themselves if the organizations they support will lift a finger to support the critical infrastructure services that Canadian Energy Industry companies do to the tune of several hundreds of millions via direct contribution and taxes? The answer is, not a chance... **Update** Well I had no idea of the traction this would generate. Once it started taking off I quite frankly expected to be inundated by the lunatic fringe, to which that number has rather surprisingly only been around a dozen. I have been pleased to see many people admit to being enlightened to the type of support a service such as Stars gets from the energy industry. As has been pointed out by many, this type of critical service is not the only type that receives support from the Canadian energy industry. Community centers, children's hospitals, community groups of all types, sports teams, rec centers, and on and on have been the beneficiary of untold amounts of support from the energy industry. The true amount likely is not easily comprehended by many. To those minuscule few who tried to lash out, accusing me of trying to politicize the Humboldt tragedy, I'm truly sorry over your lack of comprehension skills and how it affects your life. Other than factually pointing out the genesis of my observation, I made no such effort. To those few who lashed out and said they were offended, I say fine, be offended. I'm sorry truth, logic and common sense offends you. For those who say it's not fair to compare the companies I listed with the organizations listed as well, I suggest some research into where the funding from those activist organizations comes from. Those pockets are enormously deep, mostly outside our borders, and serve an agenda. Take the time to follow the money. That's all “
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    My point being that Tesla is getting a ton of bad press of relatively few incidents. Initial reaction is to blame the autodrive systems but it has bee proven several times that the operator failed to take manual control when the vehicle indicated it was necessary. The bad press seems, again, to be geared towards smearing the Tesla brand. It would not surprise me if the Big 3 and the oil companies were party to these bad press items. All manufacturers have had major recalls over the last couple of years but it seems this is getting its unfair share of the press.