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    Discovery Air Defence Announces Corporate Rebranding, Re-emerges as Top Aces NEWS PROVIDED BY Top Aces Feb 01, 2018, 17:00 ET Discovery Air Defence Services Inc. has re-emerged as Top Aces Inc. Aligns all geographical brands to one global brand, serving the world's leading air forces Facilitates stronger participation in the global adversary air market by connecting the company's unrivalled past performance in safety, experience and innovation with the next-generation of Contracted Airborne Training Services in Canada As the world's most experienced adversary air training provider, Top Aces will be fielding advanced 4th generation supersonic aggressor aircraft for service MONTREAL, Feb. 1, 2018 /CNW/ - Top Aces Inc. ("Top Aces"), formerly Discovery Air Defence Services Inc., today announced the return to the company's original name. With an unparalleled record of flight safety and safety-first culture, Top Aces has the experience that matters. It has flown 68,000-plus accident-free flight hours and is the exclusive adversary air provider to the Australian, Canadian, and German armed forces. "2018 is a very exciting year for Top Aces and the global adversary air industry," said Paul Bouchard, President of Top Aces. "This rebrand builds on our proud history. It aligns our geographical brands into one to provide the world's most advanced adversary air solutions to prepare Western aircrews for today's new threats." The refreshed logo represents a modern visual identity. Stylized in red and blue colours, the wordmark highlights the role of Red Air and Blue Air in the world of adversary air training. An Experienced Name in Adversary Air Since 2005, Top Aces has provided airborne training to the world's leading air forces. With its unparalleled safety record and an industry-leading 68,000 hours flown in support of its customers worldwide, Top Aces has the experience that matters. Clairvest Group Inc. has been a long-term investor in Top Aces. Discovery Air Inc. and Clairvest had announced in December 2017 a conversion of debt to equity. Clairvest and its affiliates are significant owners of the company along with U.S. institutional investors which participated in an equity financing also in December. Fourth Generation Aggressor Aircraft for the World's Leading Air Forces In addition to its current services, Top Aces is preparing to introduce the next generation of adversary services using advanced 4th generation supersonic aggressor aircraft. Flown by highly experienced Top Gun and Fighter Weapons Instructor pilots, and equipped with advanced radar and electronic attack (EA) systems, as well as other advanced on-board systems, Top Aces offers the ideal adversary solution for today's warfighters. Top Aces operates from Main Operating Bases located in Australia, Canada, Germany and the United States.
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    For a couple of years around 2003 - WS did know what AC was doing I think those charts of fares says a lot about the ridiculous AIFs charged by some of these idiot Airport Authorites.
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    Yep the door has to come off, looks like it’s almost there
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    Absolutely. That door has to come off, and there will be a thorough inspection of all the surrounding support structure.
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    I'm not sure that's the best way to get upgraded.
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    Jump to conclusions much? The two parties obviously recognized the timelines were too aggressive (which is not surprising....). They delayed the launch, which is smart and SAFE. Contrary to whatever spin you want to put on it.
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    ""Honestly the speech was ok but only because he stayed on script without the typical trumpisms." All true Boestar, including the reference to Trumpisms, although he did add one, but he does direct & approve the final version of the SOTU regardless and I think we could agree that he's not the type to be forced into positions he's uncomfortable with.
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    If WestJet wants Swoop to "remain distinct" Saretsky shouldn't be the public face of Swoop.