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    My late father, then an RCAF Flight Sergeant, was heavily involved in the RCAF aspects of the movie. He was later (along with 9 others - mainly officers including Billy Bishop) given a directors chair by Warner Brothers. Despite some heavy usage when being moved from one RCAF station to another in the '50's, the chair has survived. Photo below. Several months prior to the beginning of filming Harvard 2689 (# is behind the roundel) suffered fairly substantial damage in a forced landing near Uplands. My father supervised the recovery as shown in the following photo. 2689 was shipped off to Noorduyn for repairs and returned with a spiffy new paint job just before filming started. That, apparently is the reason it was selected for some of the PR photos and other close-ups. Useless trivia from a long time ago.
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    I don't understand who pays that much for something so easily lost, stolen or damaged. A friend's wife is going gaga for the new Samsung which will be $1299. I don't get it, this woman drove away with a phone on the roof of her car.
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    I don't believe in luck. Much work has gone into making the system as safe as it is. Of course there's room for improvement but operators need not reinvent the wheel to have robust cadet programs. Lufthansa and SAL have well established programs that churn out top notch pilots. The AF 330 was an example of many things, including inadequate training, poor management decision making (delaying the installation of pitot system mods) and automation design problems, but above all else, the accident chain began with an abject failure of command decision making. No captain in their right mind leaves the flight deck for a nap during a night flight through active weather in the ITCZ - I don't care how experienced your FO is.
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    Nice little recap from the visit here in YYZ with some kind of gyroscopic stabilized GoPro..... https://twitter.com/CFSnowbirds/status/906134988671909888
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    More metal for Rouge, ya, among other things. A lot of other things. We will have to wait for the actual wording to see how deep we got cut. IMO, in many ways, this was a concessionary contract in a time of record profits. The level of fatigue among the mainline pilots will be worse. Not like that has been a concern in our operation of late..... You have to admire the company management team and its negotiators. They knew their mark. Vs