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    I find the entire process offensive. It is introducing religion into government. Surely our BNA and Charter of Rights & Freedoms says all that needs to be said. I feel this "motion" is nothing more than pandering. It is horrible the MP has received such vitriole, but did the MP not open the door by introducing such a divisive motion? Just an opinion. Keep religion out of the HoC, I say...
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    http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/news-video/video-us-congress-receives-petition-to-impeach-president-trump/article34053619/ You can skip the Jaguar ad after about 15 seconds. This petition based upon multiple violations of the Constitution.
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    I have been silent re this bill but I too would like, if it is indeed needed, to have the reference to Islamophobia removed. I further question the need for this piece of legislation as I believe we are all protected under our current laws in this regard if they are enforced and that is up to us to insist they are. Those interested may find the information to be found at the following web site to be of interest. http://www.stopracism.ca/content/legislation-combat-hate-canada.
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    Jordan B Peterson's take on it;
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    tictoc! What will the fools do when all their idiotic attempts at anarchy are finally quelled?
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    The discomfort the motion instills in most of us is an instinctive reaction; it is an insult to our sense of decency. The motion is but one piece of the larger 'pile' of abuses which are collectively directed at one particular segment of the population.
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    And statements like this take it to a new level.... http://news.nationalpost.com/news/canada/canadian-politics/liberal-mp-says-quebec-mosque-shooting-was-direct-result-of-tory-pq-policies calling out other members, fear mongering, anybody that is not onside with the libs is a labelled a racist....and the libs say the conservatives are divisive? This motion will not achieve the desired effect.
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    O'Leary will be in the same situation as Trump was. He is second place in people's minds, but, there is no one in first place.
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    Defcon: Sorry buddy, you're delusional. Did you not see the reporter shoot him down in flames with his assertion of the "biggest majority since Reagan" in the electoral college vote?????