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    An embarrassment to the profession and I hope he is terminated. Kind of an anti-Sully.
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    Back to the subject The FBI Director has a responsibility to inform Congress of changes in incomplete investigations and this is what Comey did. Clearly he was between a rock and a hard place for obvious reasons. He was attempting to maintain impartiality and independence from the political process. However, in doing what he did in the way he did it, he placed both himself and the Bureau in between the electoral process and the legal process. Very bad news. The "innocence of information" is swiftly lost when the FBI Director's Friday statement to ranking members of both parties in Congress did not include details of why the investigation was continuing after Comey had declared it was essentially over. Both parties are demanding that further "clarifying" information be released immediately, for obvious, though opposing reasons. The discovery of relevant emails on Mr Weiner's laptop began the process. Apparently there are tens of thousands of emails also involving Abedin, a close associate of Clinton. Determining if these emails are mostly just copies of emails already sent or if some are new and contain classified information will obviously take time. The problem with this action, which contravenes FBI policy, was that there were no details or evidence of wrong-doing. "J'accuse" is the immediate outcome, along with obvious innuendo which clearly serves one party. No matter who's interests this action serves, this is very bad news for the stability of the political process and the acceptance of the electoral outcome. The actual resumption of the investigation could have been conveyed in a way that recognized the above circumstances but it was not. This looks more like incompetence than it does a partisan action. Independence of action is far different than unilateral action. In addition, one could point out the ridiculousness of this by observing, "...if Weiner's & Abedin's laptops hold Clinton emails then what about all laptops/computers of all other recipients of Clinton's emails?". Regardless of the candidate and the state of affairs in this election, the ability to think clearly, logically and without colouring the story red or blue is completely lost and will be interpreted as partisan, which will have a material effect upon next week's election. FBI senior people are stating that Comey broke with long-standing policies by releasing such information without substantive evidence. The claim made by both parties is not that the investigation has resumed but that the Director has failed to release information which clearly leaves opportunity for innuendo. The door is wide open for the opportunity for one party to wreak unwarranted damage on the other. Of course, "unwarranted damage" is wrought every day in this travesty of democracy and free elections, but this is the FBI and the rules of evidence apply, particularly in an election where the stakes are so high and the dysfunction so intense. The irresponsible party here is Mr. Comey, not Hillary, not Trump and respective surrogates. There are cases where such events have changed the course of history. Whether this will or not remains to be seen.
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    Holly Cow talk about inciting to cause harm to others. I wonder how he views those Canadians who do not speak French, but since their website is only in French, I suspect that answers my question ? COUNTRY OF QUEBEC......give me a break
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    @st27: Unfortunately the same age restrictions apply as elsewhere. Wish it were else wise. @blues deville Agreed, but there has actually been a fair degree of interest coming from pilots currently employed in Canada which prompted the first two sessions. The response was sufficient that the MD asked me to look into how/where to do more, and the YUL/YOW area came up as having a number of pilots who have the relevant type qualifications. It's kind of an interesting thing. First time I've seen a management guy at an Asian carrier ask: Is there interest there? If there is, then I'm prepared to come out to meet those interested. @Moon The LoonYou'd have fun here I suspect, but that Dash job sounds like even more fun! Cheers, BP
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    I think ILFC would have some pretty strong feelings about YYT selling their plane. So what, maybe they should pay what they owe. What a concept
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    I think UD was applying distinctions here Deicer; for instance, attending a status hearings is an entirely different animal legally than is 'going to court' as you are attempting to imply. I'll leave the rest of the rebuttal to UD.
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    No gas , I have a KINEK mail drop at Wellesley Island. If I buy items in the USA, (EBay and elsewhere ), I have them sent there and go across and pick them up. From our boating area and the location of many friends in Gananoque it is about a 15 min drive. Most stuff you buy in the US had preposterous shipping fees to Canada, taxes, sometimes duty and brokerage fees, and much is shipped free to destinations in the lower 48. I declare it all and if it is under $100.00 they normally wave you through...no secondary so far.