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    Good suggestion, I deleted it on this thread and moved it to one of it's own. This is the sort of story that we need to take notice of and as an industry look into a mirror and see it could be creeping into our aviation culture also. http://theairlinewebsite.com/topic/406827-on-asias-flights-potentially-dangerous-mistakes-go-unreported/?p=1652561 By the by I posted the cowl article in the AME section very early this morning (608am), I didn't look for an earlier article as it seems adding to older articles is frowned upon by some. . http://theairlinewebsite.com/topic/406826-maintenance-team-mixed-up-ba-jets-before-a319-cowl-loss/?p=1652556
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    If they don't conjure up ways to spend money, they are out of their nice, high paying jobs, with tons of boondoggle travel opportunities. It's a self full fulling prophecy. Keep building and keep raising the aif.
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    AA's are Non Profit organizations so they need to spend the money. They dont reduce the fees, they just spend more and more money.
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    I'm pretty certain there are some folks who'd rather that a certain eastern airport would have spent more money improving navaids and runway facilities rather than fancy buildings and art work.