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    Worked for WS for a long time before leaving a few years back. Love that company and think they deliver an excellent product to the markets they target! I now travel extensively for business and would take an AC flight over WS any day of the week. The NG while great to fly is just not as comfortable as the 320 in the back. In addition you have to give credit where credit is due…AC's IFE is exceptional - not only when compared to WS but also when comparing it to other international fleets. We need to recognize how fortunate we are to have two great airlines in this country.
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    And compared to WJ, AC economy is luxury travel. It is all relative.
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    The airlines should quantify the tax and add it as a highly visible Ontario Aviation Tax Surcharge so consumers know precisely why fares have gone up. The people running US border airports must think Canadians are completely stupid. We make it easier and easier every year for them to poach more and more potential customers and provide high paying jobs for folks in US citizens in border cities..