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  1. I was in HNL on a new years day 5-6 years ago -and had just taken over a -800 for the trip back to YVR when I looked out the window of the flight deck and saw a massive fuel spill was taking place. We had yet to board the aircraft but it was obvious this was going to cause a major delay ( cleanup etc) after calling ATC and CFR I advised the FAs of the delay and went up to the boarding lounge to make a PA to the guests ( many had young children and all of them were looking tired and wanted nothing more to board the flight and go home) I explained about the fuel spill and that we would have about two hours to wait before we could board - I advised them on a brighter note that I had a hankering for an ice cream and that it was only fair that they all got one too…. The FAs with my Amex happily led a lineup of guests - to the Ice cream shop in the terminal where we bought about 165 or so desserts - It was the best PR we could have done - it made the local paper there in HNL after one of the contract agents mentioned it to the local airport staff and it was the best 900 or so bucks I ever spent. When I land in HNL even now I am often referred to Capt Ice cream - although I'm not sure whether they are referring to that day or my waist size these days. Its nice when we can go "outside the box" with this stuff somedays without the fear of the legal stuff the lawyer involvement or even management concerns - at the end of the day treat people the way you would like to be treated.
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  2. Disagree, MtL. A flight attendant can go from the street to the cabin in 6 weeks and has full access to the flight deck and the bad guys know many airlines use the FA "guard" process. The same doesn't apply for a pilot. It would be too long a road to induct a "sleeper" pilot in hopes that they might be hired by a target airline and still be sympathetic to the cause years later. It is possible, and we've seen it on Egypt Air, where a pilot has "turned" within their career... most likely an insanity thing than a terrorist thing. I don't think a "guard" flight attendant would have prevented that one or could prevent any pilot from intentionally causing an aircraft to crash. We have also seen it on FedEx with a relatively new, deadheading Flight Engineer attacked the flight crew. I suppose any flight attendant could attempt to disable both crew members with the crash axe, but it would be a lot easier to just disable one when invited into the flight deck under SOP's. I don't see any advantages in using "guard" FA's, especially on aircraft with cockpit door cameras. I would like to read valid reasons for this process. Maybe I'm missing something. I'm always willing to learn. I'm not sure who has Reductio'd the most, but I would suggest that my position is more plausible than your extension.
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