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  1. What's the pressure on everybody involved to get the slaveship out on time when it's packed to the gunnels, with everyone straining at the oars? Maybe management has to learn their "bright ideas" don't work without tossing out the niceties. And I'd suggest anyone that expects a baggage smasher to run up and down those stairs with bags in hand needs a visit from an occupational health & safety specialist.
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  2. I agree. The Airports (CSA's) need to do a better job of managing what people are bringing onboard before they get onboard. It's easier said than done as more and more people check in at the kiosks, online, or on their mobile devices and bypass check-in altogether. When AC and WJ start charging for first bag the increased revenue should more than pay for increased staffing to police baggage limits BEFORE anyone even steps onto the plane. US Airlines have been doing this for years, you'd think we could learn a thing or two and be prepared...
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  3. Not bad, (if you really like a lot of volume ), but how about these three guys together. Tommy Emmanuel, John Jorgenson and Pedro Javier Gonzales doing their version of Mark Knopler's "Sultan of Swing". The really good news is that Tommy Emmanuel is doing a western Canada tour next month and I have tickets to see him here in Victoria. https://www.youtube.com/embed/EFDFpS9_ZWY
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  4. So why desn't AC demand the GTAA install chutes on the sides on the Jetways instead of firing the guy...there is obviously a huge negative public reaction to AC listening to talk radio yesterday. This co. maintains its bad pr by heavy handed actions like this. And if the carry on baggage issue is to be solved, Transport Canada could expand CATSA's mandate to enforce the sizing regulations. The airline CSA's wouldn't have to take the flack for oversize carryon... it could be done by a gov't agency [which is responsible for cabin safety in the first place]..don't want to check the bag???fine, yo
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