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    You humans fight so much over such silly things.... Here's a Christmas contribution from my own kind: (...no airlines, nor passengers were hurt during the making of this video!) Woof!
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    Wow... Can't believe the amount of negative comments on this forum regarding this video. Bean, could imagine the reaction it would have gotten if some of these posters knew that WestJetters would stand out on street corner just to given snack mix away to pedestrians back in the day. hope some of these comments aren't being driven by an even more passionate WS topic currently being debated on this forum. There have certainly been some disappointing moments in the decay of WS culture over the years but it is nice to see guys like BC and RB (and their teams) putting together something so representative of WestJet's true culture. They will be hard pressed to find such an ambassador for the company as Bartrem when the day comes that he decides to move on (not suggesting that is any time soon). Make no mistake there is an intent to market and create brand awareness. They just found a way to do it at a fraction of the cost and put a smile on many of the faces of their guests and viewers in the process. Congrats to the WS creative team great job on this one.
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    For crying out loud people........we have Aeroplan , we have Airmiles, we have WestJet Rewards, if you can't give something back to your customers even if it gets you some PR then why do we even bother to advertise or offer the programs !!?? This was an excellent promotion, well done, end of story. Is anyone trying to say that any company in the aviation world doesn't donate tickets, money, manpower to help those in need? Come on...........Merry Xmas to all and I really don't care what color Santa wears off hours but on the 25th it better be red!!!!
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    You're damned right it's an odd thing to do, but I'd imagine there's a whole boatload of brown-nosed, boot-licking, junior executive, ball'less weenies at other airlines that are (or will be) wishing like hell they'd come up with such a great idea!
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    Well to the naysayers, response to this has been overwhelmingly positive. This video is being retweeted every second, over 2 million views on YouTube. Stunt or not, 99% are loving what WS has done. Enjoy your coal.
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    This practice has been going on to many of the Caribbean islands forever. It goes without saying that one of the problems with our industry is that, because of the speed we travel, we can transport insects well within their life spans that can destroy entire economies. Ships, moving much more slowly than us, have imported the Asian Long-horned beetle to Canada. So, I can understand why some countries that are dependent on agriculture for their meagre economies might be concerned with imported pests. There are about 50 countries where disinsection is required. http://www.tc.gc.ca/eng/civilaviation/standards/commerce-ohs-disinsection-menu-375.htm. It drives me crazy when people say stuff like: "Imagine spraying household insecticides in a small room each day, then spending the day working in that room," said TWU secretary Tony Sheldon. It's not household insecticide, it's not a small room, flight attendants don't work and/or spray every day and the insecticide is evacuated from the aircraft within minutes. So what kind of argument is he left with? If you're going to say something to the press, at least have a solid argument. Yes, there are some people who have sprayed these chemicals that have gotten sick, but there are lots of people who have not used these chemicals who have exactly the same illnesses and lots of people who have used these chemicals regularly who have not gotten sick. Every job has its dangers from the commute, to stress, to office air quality, to physical risks of the job. I'm not saying that we shouldn't make all jobs as safe as possible, but this is a reality of the job and not a proven health hazard. If you think high steel construction is not safe for you, don't apply to build the Empire State Building. If people feel that spraying is not safe for them, they should find another job or go to destinations that do not require spraying. By the same token, I have no problem with people trying to change an outdated or unnecessary practice that could be hazardous. But at least have decent arguments and apply the appropriate amount of effort to the risk. There's probably more danger to health in lying on the beach in the sun at these destinations than there is from the insecticide, but I don't see any unions suggesting that sunshine destination layovers be discontinued.