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    Settle down and play nice with the other kids cupcake or you'll get outed again!
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    I'm not even sure dagger is even in the right hemisphere on this one and as usual he goes through great length at twisting and turning to sound informed but I am getting dizzy just trying to follow the logic. This is another dumb idea probably hatched by one of those expensive consultants AC seems to be endlessly hiring. Premium economy makes sense if you are running at load factors in the 70s but not when you are in the nid-80s like AC is runnning these days. You want more legroom? AC has a product for you, it's called Business Class. WestJet, because it does not have Business Class, can do premium economy to get higher revenue. AC's economy class product is very good and very competitive. The seats are wide and legroom is pretty good. If they do Premium economy then some of the plane will have to become discount economy to compensate because its a zero-sum game. In that case, what was a "good" product will now become not so good. This is an unecessary exercise better left ignored.
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    Wow, three postings into the thread and it turns into an AC bashing symposium. Give it a rest guys....... It doesn't matter who you fly with, there will be gaffs and glitches at one time or another...No one has found the perfect airline yet and I have no problem with postings that point out a few salient facts but the constant bitching about AC, both by AC employees and others is starting to run pretty thin. If you are a customer not happy with your service...write a letter..and/or move on ..but get over it. If you are an employee not happy with your job/position...move on. Perhaps "venting" is good for the soul but there are times when I wonder why some posters are in the industry....if, indeed, they actually are .