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    I don't think you can call it russian roulette if the gun is fully loaded! haha!
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    My beef is not with the wage, it is this "permanent part time" BS. THAT, should be illegal, or at least limited by law to less than 25% of the workforce. Working 31 hrs a week leaves no time to fit in another job of any substance-one that is surely needed at that rate of pay- into one's life. At 10 hr shifts, that is 3 days of work. Sure, there are technically sufficient hours available in a week to fit in another 10-31 more hours, but then you have a de-facto full time worker in the economy who benefits from none of the, I suppose perks is the word, of real full time employment. So we have legion of working poor, no benefits, no vacation, retirement fund. The far right is waging a war on those so-called "entitlements", but the reality is that there is a societal NEED for those items. They exist, and will be paid by someone and if not corporations, then government, by social programs that now must be paid for with higher taxes. Higher taxes are anti-competitive, and thus bad for business and the cycle continues. Air Canada is by NO MEANS the worst offender in this permanent part time world. As Rick says, a job at Air Canada has and will- on balance- continue to be a good job. But societally this competitive phenomenon of increasing reliance on PPT by corporations looking to shuck the requirement to pay benefits, needs to be limited because it is destructive.
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    Hi All. The writer of this article has suggested a "magic bullet" solution to a very ancient problem: how to prevent volumes of flammable liquid from igniting after a catastrophic event. To be blunt, I can't agree with his way of thinking. I do not know the context of the question leading to Mr. Yearwood's alleged comment. Sources of ignition after such an event are abundant. The best way to prevent a post-impact fire? Remove the fuel before the event occurs. In this event though, I really don't think the pilots had any inkling they were about to crash. For whatever reason, they lost the picture, then they lost their aircraft. Condolences again to the family and friends of those killed. I think it prudent to focus on prevention of recurrence than a patch for future tragedies. A patch that won't necessarily work.