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  1. Six Sigma has nothing to do with QA. Six Sigma is a methodology whereby a process can be imporved to be more efficient. Yes it cuts waste but it also looks at what can and cannot be cut from a process. All factors are considered in the process development. LEAN is an addition to the methodology the "streamlines" the process and eliminates that which hinders the process or what can be considered waste or "Lost Time" That being said it is NOT the Six Sigma methodology that is doing what you state above but rather the misguided individuals that are examining the process. They are taking an e
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  2. I apologise for being slightly OT but I'm always amazed that the people that are inconvenienced the most from conservative government tactics are typically the ones that voted them in. Over the years I've noticed an extremely high percentage of airline industry staff towing the pro-conservitive right wing line. Some of these same people are also the ones having their collective bargaining rights decimated by Lisa Raitt. Strange to say the least...
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