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  2. I think I have been very clear on my position. Myself, and everyone else would not move forward with any merger, including TS just to save jobs. If I was "King" I would move forward with "the merger" only if there was an economical, and more importantly a financial advantage for me to do so. . There are only three scenarios that will fall out of the present situation...... A...... AC merges with TS and junior bodies will loose question ( same outcome if TS merges with someone else) B...... There is no merger by TS with anyone, and TS is dissolved and and all employees loose their jobs C.......Fed or Prov Govt does something to bail out TS and they have another run at being a full service,.profitable airline. I am totally impartial in this discussion, have no skin in the game .................. just trying to throw some reality into the mix...
  3. Gumbi I wish you and your colleagues the best. I have no issue with Transat getting a lifeline. Actually I have no issue with a merger either. I believe Transat will be here 2 years from now. Either merged or separate. I actually believe the current situation makes the merger more likely. I was simply pointing out that we are well beyond a point of win win for employee groups. Something no one thought about 4 weeks ago. Someone is going to get hurt. Throwing support behind one group, even though it is not stated, implies a lack of support or sympathy for the other. My intention is only to shed light on that fact. Support for one group implies lack of support for another. Much like you probably interpreted my comments as a lack of support for you. All the best.
  4. What many here seem to be forgetting is that the ONLY reason why Rouge was brought in was to drive AT to the ground. In fact, when you read the competition bureau’s report, most of the instances where there is duplication of routes is where Rouge introduced service specifically to give AT a ride for their money. When someone mentions Transat getting “lifelines”, they seem to forget how many lifelines AC has been given over their existence, all but to end up starting a leisure carrier whose sole purpose was to kill the competition. Amusingly, after about 6 years of Rouge operation and Transat losing money because of Rouge’s aggressive program, AC, for whatever reasons, finally realizes that the Transat brand is worth acquiring, because if they don’t someone out west might be interested. Now, because of this pandemic, which affects everyone, but especially this business, there might be a chance that the deal falls through and that, what seemed like a chance for Transat to carry on doing business in whatever shape or form AC would have decided after trying to get rid of us for so long, ends up being the end of it all for us at AT.
  5. Thanks FA@AC. I wasn’t trying to pick on your comments by the way. They were actually very empathetic which I respect very much. My point was simply that we are beyond a point where it all works out in the wash. We are at a point where people will get hurt. Support for one group will come at the expense of another. By expressing concern for one group we are by default expressing a lack of concern for another.
  6. Yes I have been through a merger. Yes I know what seniority is and the value of it. I am fully aware of how arbitration’s work. I have also worked for a company that failed. Actually that has happened to me twice. The comment placed a page earlier was not what happens if the merger goes ahead. That is obvious. I’m not sure why you have gone in that direction with your comments. The comment that started this discussion was one lamenting that the merger should move ahead so that those at Transat don’t have to start over? My point was that today’s reality is that protecting one group will come at the expense of another. So let’s assume you are king for a day. You decide if the merger stops or proceeds. Someone either senior or junior is going to get the pointy end of your choice. Would you move forward with the merger simply on the grounds it saves Transat employees from starting over?
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  8. No one is saying that is why AC went after TS.....much of discussion on this page has to do with the fact that should a merger take place, seniority rules and all junior employees should know that cold hard fact.. No one on this forum knows if a merger will take place or not. No problem speculating but what will happen ....will happen. Just because the Competition Board has issue a statement does not ascertain the future of AT, Negotiations that might be going on are beyond anyone's pay grade here on this forum and no matter what department says what, the final outcome will not be realized until the FEDS say publicly, or behind the scenes to both parties, what is going to happen. The airline industry is a volatile playing field and Nation Air, Royal, Wardair, Canada 3000, Roots, Canadian Airlines, and others have all found that out and life moved on and it will when a resolution with TS is chiseled into an official tablet.
  9. These are the areas that need immediate attention by those currently working in the industry and perhaps a more unified and coherent voice is needed. Simply "exempting" crews from the 14 quarantine while it adds flexibility for carriers, does nothing to protect the crews. One tangible and meaningful way to support the crews and carriers is that the government pays for the seats around aircrews should they need to deadhead to shield them, as well to provide assistance to airlines for crew medevac flights should they get sick away from home. Another one would be providing separate and easy access into secure areas. These show direct support and care. Airlines can take practical steps like dedicated bathrooms, cleaning supplies, minimizing deadheads and multi-day pairings as to allow crews to return to their domicile. That should not be too difficult with such light schedules, and usually extra crews, so God forbid if they do get sick, at least they get back home.
  10. There was once a great airline called Canada 3000, well liked and I believe profitable in all its quarters except the last one. Unlike some airlines that know how to operate in perpetual losses and bail-outs, it simply didn't know how. In the aftermath of 911, in mounting losses and a tight credit market, it needed the government to "co-sign" its 75 million loan. The Liberal government wanted such intrusive controls that Canada 3000 decided it wasn't worth it to continue. It ceased operations. That gave Transat a much needed lifeline engulfed with mounting pressures of the Azure Glider. Seven years later it got another lifeline when Skyservice failed. The people involved got up and carried on elsewhere. Life went on. It simply is not the burden of other airlines to "save" those jobs; neither is it the burden of governments. That burden solely rests with Transat. It is also the burden of Transat to keep itself financially viable to complete its proposed sale. And it is the burden of Air Canada to do its due diligence and determine whether or not it makes economical sense for it to continue with the deal under the recommendations of the Competition Bureau. After all, it entered the deal months ago for its own economical and operational benefit, not to "save" Transat jobs; that likely has not changed.
  11. With respect... you have never been through a merger have you ?? In ANY industry merger seniority is the only thing that counts until,I in some cases, the issue goes to arbitration...
  12. Canada's Unions deliver clear priorities for federal airline relief package GlobeNewswireView the full article
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  14. Again, AC will only employ the amount of employees it needs. Currently there are way too many employees. I didn’t realize there was such a pervasive belief that junior people should be sacrificed to protect the senior from starting over.
  15. 7 Air Transat flight crew members have coronavirus: airline 28 March 2020Canadian Aviation News News provided by Toronto City News – link to any updates BY NEWS STAFF, POSTED MAR 28, 2020 An Air Transat plane is seen as an Air Canada plane lands at Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport in Montreal on Thursday, May 16, 2019. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Ryan Remiorz Summary Five flight attendants and two front crew members have tested positive for the novel coronavirus One crew member was from Toronto, the rest are based in Montreal 225 employees are in self-quarantine, the airline said. Air Transat says five flight attendants and two front crew members have tested positive for the novel coronavirus. The Montreal-based airline said out of the positive cases, one was from Toronto and rest were based out of Montreal. Around 225 employees are in self-quarantine, Christophe Hennebelle, vice-president, human resources and corporate affairs, said Saturday. “[The] numbers are varying every day, with flight crew members being released from quarantine (whenever there is exposure, the entire back crew is quarantined),” Hennebelle said in an email to CityNews. Hennebelle said that they are sending a plane to pick up three crew members that are stuck in Portugal. “One of the infected flight attendants and one of the pilots (and his copilot) were stuck in Portugal, so we have had to dispatch a special A321LR flight to Lisbon to bring them back home,” he said. “I want to reiterate our heartfelt thanks to our employees who are working tirelessly, with little concern for their personal wellbeing, to bring everybody back home,” he added. “Our repatriation operations will be over on April 1.” Share this:
  16. Unless of course that WestJet is looking to take them? But I guess MD2 may be closer to that action.
  17. Isn't it more likely that Transat would be merged or integrated into the Rouge operation?
  18. MIAMI – European carriers face a potential revenue loss of US$76bn and passenger demand 46% below normal, putting at risk about 5.6 million jobs and $378bn in GDP supported by air The post European Airlines Losses Climb appeared first on Airways Magazine. View the full article
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  20. I could be wrong but I don't think that is what he is saying.. If AC and AT merge, junior employees of both companies will be furloughed and that is just a cold hard fact but the upside is that not ALL AT employees have to start all over looking for jobs if AT is allowed merge.... vs..... fail. Obviously AC would not merge with AT because of good will, in order to save jobs...there has to be some gravy for AC with the merger, and yes, junior employees will bear the brunt of any merger....ask me...I have been through two.
  21. Graffiti reads: “We can't return to normal, because the normal that we had was precisely the problem.”
  22. Not when I arrived in YUL 10 days ago......... but I was advised by the little old lady, when leaving YUL, that I should take my temp 4 times a day.
  23. And of course the absolutely embarrassing situation the Conservatives put Trudeau in had no influence on this happening...aha....
  24. Has anyone observed temperature checks being used as a screening tool anywhere in Canada?
  25. I support their concerns but when our hospitals are still struggling to maintain their own supply and when nurses are being forced to reuse PPE they normally throw away after each patient, it’s a big ask to demand we redeploy these resources elsewhere. A significant shipment of masks, gloves, goggles and hazmat suits are on their way from China - and they’re a donation at that. Maybe this will allow some reconsideration of the request.
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