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Forum Posting Guidelines

Please use these Guidelines for postings

Your post may be Edited or completely Deleted for the following reasons along with avatars that include images which could be considered excessively large in size, offensive, racist, or sexual in nature by one of our Administrators, continued violation of these guidelines by any member may result in the withdrawal of posting privileges from that member without regard to the status of their membership.

Any post that:

* defames
* abuses
* harasses
* stalks
* threatens
* uses profanity
* obscene
* indecent
* publishes the identity or suspected identity of an anonymous user of this forum
* name calling such as idiot, stupid, etc.
* personal attacks, intimidating and bullying as deemed by the moderators
* posting and/or promoting conflicting websites or organizations to theairlinewebsite.com
* discussions about religion, race and politics in extreme
* unauthorized advertising or spamming as deemed by the moderators

When a user gets warned for the first time, it is a gentle reminder of the posting guidelines. At a second warning, however, a minimum 5 hour moderator preview (approval of post by moderators) will be added to the offending account. At a 3 warning a 3 day moderator preview will be enforced and at 4th warning the member will lose posting ability for a week. At the 5th warning your account could be suspended.

This website is moderated by gracious volunteers who give up time in there lives with their families in order to help people. They do not work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with their face squashed in front of the computer screen, therefore some inappropriate things might be missed.

This website has been set up to use the "honor system", there are mechanisms in place to "Report a Post", this can by done by clicking on the box on each post, in which the volunteer team can be alerted to a potentially bad posters. There is also a PM system that allows users to send an instant message via PM to a moderator about any concerns.